'Nashville' Recap: 'Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down' Drama Rankings


On tonight’s Nashville Will and Layla’s big engagement shocker moved forward with full force and Maddie and Daphne literally taught a hip hop loving teenager that country music was cool using hand games. Oh, and a bunch of other stuff happened at a super fast past too as per usual. Here's the drama rankings for “Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down.”

1. Will
After proposing to Layla on the previous episode, Will decides this week that they need to get married ASAP after Jeff approaches him to ask if he’s gay and Layla’s parents tell her that they will disown her if she marries Will because she’s too young. When Gunnar tries to talk to Will about the engagement and brings up the fact that it will never work out because he's gay, Will throws a bottle at the wall and Gunnar kicks him out of the house. By the end of the episode, basically only because people are catching on to him, Will marries Layla at some sort of 24 hour elopement place. Will and Layla emerge happy to a crowd of paparazzi. Say what you will about Nashville and it rushing through storylines, but it’s letting the Will is gay secret stay secret for quite a while. On the other hand, it rushed through this horrible idea of an engagement at lightening speed, so ya win some, ya lose some.

2. Scarlett
After last episode played a game of musical chairs with everyone’s tour, Scarlett somehow ends up opening for Juliette. Juliette is jealous of Scarlett’s relationship with Avery and ends up bossing Scarlett around regarding her set. Scarlett wants to do things her own way, so against Juliette’s wishes she opens up her set with a slow song and dedicates the song to Juliette. She essentially pulls a Juliette — Juliette is definitely one for the on stage surprises. Oh yeah, and Scarlett popped a pill before her stunt. Scarlett’s drug problem lives on! Later, Scarlett and Juliette get in a fight that somehow ends with Juliette finding respect for Scarlett. The episode ends with Juliette asking Avery if Scarlett is high while they’re at a party explaining that Scarlett reminds her of her mother. Yikes.

3. Maddie
Maddie is grounded, but goes to play music with Deacon against Teddy’s wishes. She gets caught, but then Rayna convinces Teddy to let her come to the show Luke is playing because the girls are going to meet his son. The son, Colt, ends up being a guy who dresses like Justin Bieber and is into Skrillex. Maddie and Daphne prove to him that country music is cool by playing a hand game that produces a beat and singing over it. Maddie and Daphne are great singers and adorable girls so I would never put them down, but this is the corniest thing that has ever happened. Again, it’s totally Nashville’s doing, not theirs. Colt calls it “dope” and mixes it with an electronic beat which he puts it online. Rayna likes it but tells them to take it down because social media is the enemy and Maddie ends up telling Colt that Deacon is her real father. Colt tells Luke, Luke tells Rayna he knows and is upset, and it’s all Maddie’s fault!

4. Deacon
Deacon is constantly in some sort of conflict with Teddy and that continues this week because of the Maddie stuff, but more significantly because he overhears Teddy and Megan talking about their affair. Deacon almost punches Teddy but stops himself and then returns home with Megan to kick her out and pack a bag. He won’t tell Megan where he’s going and she shows him a magazine with his face on it saying, “This is you now.” He responds, “That’s a good argument, counselor, but I’m done being saved.” Mark my words, the next episode will involve alcohol and Deacon will top the drama rankings.

5. Rayna
Rayna is pissed at Maddie which she should be because Maddie uploaded a video online as “Maddie Claybourne!” Rayna explains to Maddie that she’s just trying to protect her and that's why she doesn't want this information public and Maddie counters that she’s just trying to protect herself. Rayna assures her that it’s not true and I have no idea whether or not we’re supposed to buy it because it does seem like Rayna is looking out more for herself. I don’t blame Rayna for not telling Luke about Deacon — they haven’t been dating long enough for the real crazy secrets — and when these two talk out the Deacon stuff I also take her side when Luke tells her she needs to take some time to go figure things out. What is there to figure out? Deacon is Maddie’s dad, Maddie found out after 13 years, and it’s always going to be complicated. Let a lady handle her business her own way, Luke!

6. Gunnar
Gunnar gets in a fight with Will after confronting him about being gay yet still proposing to Layla, but comes through for his friend when Jeff asks him about Will’s sexuality. Gunnar says, “That boy’s got more tail than a damn rabbit hunter.” Man, he had that phrase ready to go in case he was ever asked to defend Will’s straightness! Gunnar later shows up at Will and Layla’s elopement and tells him about talking to Jeff and basically wishes him and Layla luck. I understand that this is a difficult situation — he can’t exactly just walk up to Layla and tell her Will is gay… right? — but this was really a moment of wanting to scream at the TV “Ughhh! Gunnar do something!”

7. Teddy
No one would listen to Teddy this episode and I really started to feel bad for him. If he wants his daughter grounded, even if she’s not biologically his daughter, he should still get to ground her without it being overruled whenever it’s convenient for Rayna. This isn’t to say that I feel totally bad for him. He’s still a skeeze who is too obsessed with Megan. She banged you in a car once dude. Get over it.

8. Juliette
Juliette gets jealous of Avery and Scarlett and is sassy with both of them. All of these issues work themselves out. Does this mean that Juliette didn’t storm out of some rooms? Of course not! She does that every episode.

Next week it looks like big things are going to go down with both Deacon and Scarlett's drug use, but for now, what did you think of tonight's episode? Let us know in the comments!

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