'Nashville' Recap: "It Must Be You" Drama Rankings


This week on Nashville everyone ended up at the same polo match for various reasons-- I secretly love when dramas do this — and then everyone got kissed by various people. It was a busy day in Nashville for both equine sports and sexual escapades. Here's how everyone ranked in terms of bringing the drama.

1. Juliette
Juliette gets invited to the polo match first. She doesn't know who invited her by decides it's because Nashville's old money has accepted her and says, “I guess I've finally arrived.” Not so fast, Nene Leakes! There's drama a-brewing! Juliette shows up at the polo match in her finest insane fascinator and soon finds out that her anonymous invitation came from Charlie Wentworth, the super rich British married guy who she slept with after performing at his anniversary party. He's in town because, duh, he plays polo. Juliette tries avoiding him, but eventually gives in to his charms when he proves he can be a down home boy and hang in the stables with farm hands. There's a scene in the stable where a random horse caregiver named Santiago picks up a guitar and Juliette sings along all while making eyes at Charlie. It was amazing.

After the stable singing, Juliette witnesses Charlie in a fight with his wife, Olivia, because Olivia hates being dragged around to polo matches and left to schmooze with people she doesn’t like. Juliette sees Olivia slap Charlie in the face saying that she's “leaving on the jet!” Later that night, Juliette shows up at Charlie's hotel lounge, tells him she'd love to be part of the music festival Charlie is sponsoring in Nashville, and they head up to his penthouse suite. And you know what happened next. They have sex. Again. But... Olivia shows up to the room and catches them! Only Juliette and Charlie don't see her because they are so full of passionate lust for one another. Oooh this is gonna be good!

2. Rayna
Rayna has an interview with Robin Roberts during which Robin is basically like, “No, but really, how are you?” Rayna's like, “I'm pretty good. Stuff happens. I trust my father. No comment on my love life.” Rayna's in a bind because she no longer has the money to buy out her contract with Edgehill but when her manager asks what to say to Jeff about the money she says, “Tell him he'll get it when he gets it.” I think this really means, this is a confrontation for another episode. Rayna goes to the polo match with Tandy who says that there will be lots of potential investors there. This doesn't work out well, but what is more exciting for Rayna at the match is her unnecessary snide comment to Juliette. Rayna spots Juliette emerging from the stables with Charlie and tells her, “He's a powerful man and, you know, our fan base is mostly females. They don't take to that too well.” Rayna had earlier asked to let Scarlett be a pre-opener on her tour, so to Rayna, Juliette says, “Well then your answer to having Scarlet open is hell no!” and she makes a sassy hand gesture (see above photo).

Later, Rayna goes to the Bluebird to see Scarlett perform in front of music critics and runs into country singer/friend, Luke. She asks him if he'd let Scarlett open and he says “yes” and kisses her. Rayna's like, “Whoa.” And he's like, “But for real though, Scarlett's great and I hope to see you around” and saunters off.

3. Tandy
Tandy's still making her “I cannot keep the secret that I turned dad in any longer” faces. At the polo match some old guy basically tells her, “How dare you show your face here and try to help your sister get me as an investor! You know all your father's tricks!” Then she makes the “Oh no! The seeeeecretttt!” faces again while assuring Rayna that she's trustworthy.

4. Zoey and Gunnar
Gunnar goes to Zoey's house to try to convince her that he actually really likes her and that they shouldn't let Scarlett get in the way of that. Zoey literally says, “Now I feel like a super slutty bad friend... Scarlett can never find out.” Um... if you want to be a good friend, maybe telling your lifelong friend the truth would be a good start. By the end of the episode, Zoey's changed her mind and demands that Gunnar kisses her while in the Bluebird while Scarlett is singing. Why did she change her mind?

5. Scarlett and Avery
Because Scarlett and Avery totally got it on! Scarlett goes to Avery's to play video games and sulk about how the music industry is treating her like a puppet. It's just like old times! This leads Avery to speak the most awkward line I've ever heard on this show. “You've come into your own and it's... incredibly sexy.” Does that not sound like a pervy old man?! It works on Scarlett though and they hook up. Scarlett tells Zoey about it because she's a normal, non-sneaky person, and Zoey uses this as a reason to go for it with Gunnar. Scarlett tells Avery that they don't need to figure out what they're doing just yet. Also normal and not rashly decided like Zoey. See, this is why she ranks lower.

6. Teddy
Teddy is barely in this episode, but he does announce during a press conference, that he plans to marry Peggy in a week. A week! Come on, dude! Let's not rush into things in case she's, I don't know, FAKING HER PREGNANCY.

7. Deacon
Deacon is last this week! I've become really proud of him when he keeps his cool. Deacon also attends the polo match and he is invited by his lawyer/new lady friend, Megan (I learned her name finally!). He's apprehensive about hanging out with fancy pants people, but when he shows up he's well-coiffed and ready to impress the partners from her firm with his expert mingling. I like them together! The episode ends with him impressed that she isn't intimidated by Rayna. Also!! He totally did take up the piano! I can't believe it but I love it.

What did you think of this week's episode? More importantly, how excited are you for the Juliette/British Guy's Wife drama that is surely approaching? Talk it out in the comments!