'Nashville' Recap: "I'll Keep Climbing" Drama Rankings


When Nashville had its mid-season finale last month, we were left with two possible options for a character who would be dead when the series returned. There was Will who stepped in front of an oncoming train after hooking up with Brent, and Peggy who was accidentally shot in an assassination attempt on Teddy. Nashville didn’t waste any time letting us know who actually died in tonight’s episode, so let’s get right to it. Here are the drama rankings for “I’ll Keep Climbing.”

1. Will
Will making the drama rankings list tells you something does it? Will didn’t die! Yep, Peggy was the one who ended up dying, but more on that in a bit. Will, after not actually throwing himself in front of the train, leaves town and goes camping at a place called Echo Edge Trail. Gunnar is the one who finds out where he is after he looks through Will’s computer search history. (I guess he came back home for a quick computer search and to pick up supplies post-attempted suicide…) Gunnar wasn’t even worried about the fact that he hadn’t seen his roommate for two days until Brent stopped by to ask if anyone had seen him. Anyway, Gunnar finds Will at the campsite crying. Gunnar gets pretty upset after hearing about Will's suicide attempt and makes him promise he’ll always talk to him when something is wrong. Also, Gunnar already knew Will was gay and I can’t remember if that was clear before.

So Will, back to Nashville, decides to carry on with life as usual, but freaks out at Brent when he sees him and says he can't have Brent working with him anymore. Whew! I’m worried about this guy, he’s going to explode and try something crazy again. On the bright side, he’s not dead so there’s that.

2. Scarlett
Scarlett gets contacted by Kelly Clarkson’s people who say that Kelly wants to record a song that Scarlett and Gunnar wrote. She’s super excited at first and they meet up to perform the song in front of Kelly. Kelly loves it and wants them to write more songs. Awesome, right? Wrong. This is Scarlett we’re talking about and she’s still mad about Gunnar and Zoey, so instead she tells Kelly, “Gunnar and I are not in a place where we can write together anymore” and leaves. Then, for good measure, she gets in a fight with Avery who asks if she still has feelings for Gunnar. In turn, she asks if he has feelings for Juliette and they decide to break up because they’re “different people now” than they were the first time they dated.

3. Deacon
Deacon meets with the record exec from the Music City Music Festival who tells him to go write songs and return in a week. Deacon has a hard time with this and takes it out on Megan. Like, he’s straight up mean to her. She makes him dinner and he tells her to go away and take it with her because she’s annoying. Then he sits in front of a liquor store, but doesn’t go in. In the end we find out that Deacon is having trouble writing because he’s happy which he tells Megan is because of her. Okay, that’s great, but dude get a handle on your emotions!

4. Juliette
A ton of Juliette’s fans, as well as the passionately religious, are pissed that she was a homewrecker and continue to protest everywhere she goes. Juliette, who is in Pittsburg at this point on the tour (even though Will and Layla at the beginning are still in Nashville...), yells at one man, “There is no god who would listen to a crackpot like you!" The clip of Juliette screaming gets edited down to, “There is no god” and becomes a viral internet clip. Layla was there when Juliette yelled at the guy, so Juliette convinces Layla to give a press conference telling the true story. Layla goes through with it after Juliette agrees that she owes her one.

5. Teddy
Okay, so Peggy dies at the scene of the shooting and that's really the only information given about it. We don't even see the funeral, there's a clip of Rayna, Teddy, and the girls all wearing black and the next thing you know Teddy is researching the case himself and worried that, while the guy who shot Peggy was captured, there might be another conspirator out there. He decides it’s best if he keep his distance from Rayna and the girls just in case. All I wanna know is, will the issue of the pork blood be coming back up? You can’t just have a character fake a miscarriage with pork blood and then die with no word of it again, right? Right?!

6. Rayna
Rayna is worried about having a single for her new album since she has now split from Edgehill. That producer guy that she hooks up with sometimes came back and is all, “You are an artist and an artist doesn’t have to have a financially beneficial single.” And Rayna is all, “I have kids and just risked everything, so yeah, I kind of need a single from this that’s going to bring me some stability.” Not that he would understand because apparently he just wanders in and out of Nashville whenever he wants. The episode ends with Rayna deciding to write a new song that will be the album's single and it’s heavily hinted that she will try to do this with Deacon.

7. Avery
Avery, as mentioned above, gets in a fight with Scarlett and they break up. He ends up seeing news of the Juliette controversy on TV and decides to call her. She doesn’t pick up because she’s too busy crying while watching her crumbling career on her own TV and he leaves a message saying she can stop by anytime day or night. Oh la la! I was never on board for an Avery/Juliette relationship until this episode. Juliette is just so sad and Avery had to put up with Scarlett’s brattiness, so I can now see how these two might need each other.

8. Gunnar/Zoey
Gunnar had to deal with Will and Scarlett, but, as usual, he wasn’t too dramatic on his own. He and Zoey told each other “I love you” this episode. Much like with Avery and Juliette, I wasn’t really rooting for Gunnar and Zoey until Scarlett decided to never stop being annoying and now I’m rooting for them just to spite her.

What did you think of “I’ll Keep Climbing?” Are you glad Will is still around? Do you also want to be able to like Scarlett again? Talk it out in the comments!