'Nashville' Recap: "Tomorrow Never Comes" Drama Rankings


So here we are. The mid-season finale of Nashville, aka the episode where a character dies. We found out about this shocking news on last week's preview and ABC has been pushing #WhoWillDie on Nashville's Twitter account. Weirdly enough, tonight's episode didn't exactly let us know who died, but rather set up two possible options. That's right, TWO people came really close to death tonight and, I guess, one of them actually died but we'll have to wait until Nashville comes back to know who. #WhoOutOfTwoOptionsMightDie would have been more appropriate, but there's that whole 140 characters limit to worry about.

Here's this week's drama rankings for "Tomorrow Never Comes."

1. Juliette
This week Juliette's feeling the effects of Layla's call to TMZ on the last episode. Layla reported that Juliette was the reason for the break up of Charlivia and now the press is dogging Juliette for a response and the whole thing is unfortunately timed during the Music City Music Festival. Charlie still shows up to the festival. He's a sponsor, but he could've sponsored from a far. Maybe that would make the scandal look worse? Either way, he's there and Juliette's really stressed out and demands that Glenn find whoever leaked the story so that the blame can be placed on them instead. Juliette directly asks Layla it was her and Layla just makes a crack about how she's old (ie. not 19) and calls her paranoid.

At Juliette's performance, the crowd heckles her and someone holds up a giant sign that says "Homewrecker." Juliette gets a bit shaken but has Avery sing along with her to boost her confidence. After the show, Juliette has a heart to heart with Avery then tells the press "no comment" when they ask if the Charlie Wentworth rumors are true. The episode ends with Juliette showing up to Avery's house to confess her love, but she's stopped when she sees that Scarlett is there.

So to answer your question: No, Juliette is not potentially dead.

2. Will
Will's "dating" Layla, but gazing at Jeff's assistant, Brent (finally learned his name!) during his set at the MCMF. Then they have sex and afterward Will is really angry. So angry, in fact, that he stands in front of an oncoming train that, as far as we can tell, hits him. Possibly dead character number one! I hope it's not him! I need my weekly Luke Ward.

3. Scarlett
Scarlett's still pissed about the Zoey/Gunnar relationship secret and refuses to speak to either of them and cries or is on the verge of tears for the entire episode. Zoey doesn't give up easy and eventually badgers Scarlett into talking to her. Their conversation ends with Scarlett saying, "You're the only part of my childhood I wanted to remember." So... Scarlett is still mad but realizes that this friendship would be a big loss? It's kept pretty vague. At one point Scarlett tells Avery, "You're the only one that didn't lie to me" and he gets a suspicious look on his face. Did he know?! He doesn't say. Instead they go have sex too. 

4. Rayna
Rayna finally buys out of Edgehill records! Jeff tells her he still wants to release some of the songs from her album in order to reach his quarterly sales goal. Rayna wants to release her album when she wants to release her album, so business lady Tandy comes up with plan where Rayna could mortgage her home and take $3 million from Tandy herself in exchange for a corner office at Highway 65 and this somehow adds up to the $20 million that Rayna needs to pay Jeff. And she goes through with it so it better work out. Throughout all of this, Luke has been sort of disagreeing with Rayna on taking such a big risk. Their conversations about it sound normal, but the looks Rayna gives him make it seem like she's not so sure about this guy anymore.

5. Teddy/Peggy
Teddy and Peggy spend the day of the festival with Maddie and Daphne. Teddy, who had Deacon removed from the set list last week, is upset when Deacon attempts to override his decision by setting up his own stage on a nearby parking lot. Teddy shows up with police and Deacon tells him that it's private property and he can do nothing about it. Peggy, on the other hand, is a little jerk on her own accord when Maddie says she wants to watch Deacon perform. Peggy tells her she can't go and is all "I know your family situations is weird" in a fake empathetic way.

At the end of the episode, Rayna and Teddy are talking with Peggy standing nearby and a random man walks up and ATTEMPTS TO ASSASSINATE TEDDY. Whaaaat?? Teddy pushes his arm out the way as if he expected this, the gun shoots Peggy instead, and the man runs off. Is Peggy dead?! Is it an option that Teddy planned this? Probably not, but maybe he's following in Lamar's footsteps.

6. Maddie
Maddie ranks simply for saying the line, "You're not my mom!" to Peggy.

7. Gunnar
Gunnar was promised a performance at the festival by Jeff in exchange for the song he wrote for Luke Wilson, but it turns out he's on the dinkiest little stage next to the port-a-potties and is set to go on at 11am. When Deacon hears this, they pair up and Gunnar joins in on the nearby parking lot performance. Also, he and Zoey sort of break up during the episode because of Scarlett, but get back together by the end.

8. Layla
Layla doesn't do much this episode besides get threatened by Jeff. He says if he finds out she had anything to do with the Juliette rumors, her contract will be in question. Ha! She deserves it!

9. Deacon
Deacon was sassy this episode and I loved it! He goes rogue to set up his own stage and during which he says things to Gunnar like , "Do you really want an 11am slot in toilet town" and "We'll talk about [Scarlett and Zoey] later... as in never." And he only complains about his hand once! Deacon ends up being able to play guitar when he performs (hand magically better? not as bad as he said?) and does a great job. Later, a record exec schedules a meeting with him AND he gets a "I miss you" look from Rayna. Best of all, Deacon is definitely not going to die. Hooray!

So who do you guys think is going to die, Will or Peggy? I'm hoping it's Peggy. Ssshhh! Don't tell! And what did you think about this episode overall? Let us know in the comments!

Images: ABC