'Nashville' Recap: 'All Or Nothing With Me' Drama Rankings


Tonight on Nashville we got the aftermath of Juliette’s romp with Jeff which was dramatic and involved a threat as well as the aftermath of Scarlett’s release from the psych clinic which was… well, actually, there wasn’t much to that. We did get to see Will rip a camera of a wall, so the action was made up in other places. Here are this week’s drama rankings for “All or Nothing with Me.”

1. Will
Last week, Will decided to go ahead with the #WillAndLayla reality TV show even though Jeff told him it was a bad idea. This week, Will realized that Jeff was right immediately. All of the cameras were set up in their home, he performed a song in front of the production staff, and then in the next scene they filmed — a recreation of them returning from their quickie wedding — he lost it. The producer said that she didn’t see the passion in his and Layla's kiss and he stormed out saying, “I can’t do this anymore! Not today!”

Will ends up at the gym where he meets a personal assistant named Tony who gives Will his card which Will crumples up and puts in his pocket. The crumple means you’re throwing it away. Who crumples something and puts it in their pocket? Someone who is going to later call that person, that’s who!

Back home, Layla tries to talk to Will about not being able to deal with the show and he freaks out that there are cameras everywhere and literally rips one out of the wall. Then he goes in the bathroom where he calls Tony and leaves a message requesting a “private session.” There was something hinted at earlier about the producers recording bathroom and bedroom scenes against Will’s wishes, so this phone call is definitely going to come back up.

2. Juliette
Juliette starts the episode in the bathtub viciously scrubbing Jeff off her skin and crying. Soon after, Avery shows up at her place and apologizes for focusing so much on Scarlett and Juliette rushes off to meet with potential songwriters one of whom is Gunnar. Somehow, Gunnar and Juliette have never met before which I refuse to believe because there is no way that there are still characters on this show who haven’t met. Jeff shows up, kicks Gunnar out of the room, and is all, “I don’t care about our hook-up, I want you to come back to Edgehill.” Juliette’s like, “Hell no!”

Later, Juliette performs in a concert for the troops that Rayna planned and shares a story about her father, who died in action, with a soldier. It’s a touching moment for her and afterward she performs a song with a lot of passion, but then! Jeff shows up again and tells her again that she should come back to Edgehill but adds that Avery might not take it so well if he finds out about their affair. Is it a threat? I think so.

3. Deacon
Deacon has Maddie over to stay the night at his house and she asks where he was the day she was born. He tells her he was “on the road,” but later at his AA meeting we find out that he doesn’t know where he was and was probably drunk. At the concert, Deacon apologizes to Rayna about being not-so-great back then and asks Teddy what Maddie’s birth was like AND HE TELLS HIM. Did they forget that they hate each other? Putting your past behind you is one thing, but these two were in a physical fight OVER THE FACT THAT TEDDY SLEPT WITH DEACON’S GIRLFRIEND only, like, four episodes ago.

4. Maddie
Maddie gets listed here not for causing drama, but for suggesting situations that should have resulted in major dramz. First, she’s the one to ask Teddy if she can stay at Deacon’s and for some reason he says yes. Then, during the concert, Rayna calls Maddie and Daphne up to perform with her and while on stage Maddie asks if Deacon can come up too and Rayna agrees. Yeah, sure, just put your mom in the awkward position of performing with the exact people with whom she was just part of a huge public scandal.

5. Zoey
As we know, Gunnar was the only one to see Juliette and Jeff emerging from their hookup and on this episode he tells Zoey about it. Zoey suggests he tell Avery ASAP, but when she finds out she’s been chosen as one of Juliette’s backup singers, she walks in on the middle of Gunnar and Avery's conversation and stops Gunnar from telling him because it will benefit her. First of all, that’s extremely selfish. Second of all, it’s unnecessarily selfish because Juliette didn’t know Gunnar so there’s no way she'll know Zoey is vaguely involved with the secret. Juliette probably doesn’t even talk to her backup singers.

6. Rayna
Rayna decides on the concert for the troops at Fort Campbell after Luke is injured in Afghanistan ahead of his USO performance. Rayna and Luke get into a bit of an argument when he suspects that she’s doing it to benefit Highway 65 rather than the troops. Later, they get over it and tell each other “I love you.”

7. Scarlett
Scarlett decides to take a shift waitressing at the Bluebird, then quits and tells Zoey she wants to move out of Nashville. That is literally all that happens with her.

8. Gunnar
Basically, Gunnar’s just annoyed that he is the only one who saw the Juliette/Jeff affair and that Zoey tells him to confess then selfishly advises him not to. I’m annoyed about this too. If watching this show has proved anything it’s that I’m always team Gunnar.

9. Avery
Avery was much more bearable than normal this week, but that’s because his role is now just waiting around until he finds out about Jeff. Poor Avery. Poor usually annoying Avery.

Next week is the season finale and it looks like Rayna’s getting a proposal from Luke! Man, if that’s gonna be the big cliffhanger they better hope this thing doesn’t get cancelled.

In the meantime, what did you think of tonight’s episode? Where do you think Scarlett will go? Do you also feel bad for Gunnar? Talk it out in the comments!

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