'Nashville' Recap: 'Crazy' Drama Rankings


I’m going to make a grand statement here and say that tonight’s Nashville was the best of the season. Sure, there were plenty of over-the-top parts (Scarlett’s mom, the inexplicable return of Charlie Wentworth), but the show also practiced subtlety in the places where it was necessary (Luke’s anger, Gunnar and Zoey’s relationship). Subtlety is always welcome with Nashville since it can be such a rarity. Also, nothing was wrapped up by the end of the episode. That was refreshing too. Here are the drama rankings for “Crazy.” (P.S. Omg, they even made the episode title short! Did the writers all go to a seminar or something?)

1. Scarlett
Scarlett easily takes the number one spot this week. Her mom returns and surprises her while she’s out on tour. Yep, the same mom with the psychotic issues that was abusive to Scarlett when she was a child. Mom hangs out with Scarlett’s band and sings a song during rehearsal for that night’s show and says some “I’ll show you how it’s done" stuff. Then Scarlett pops a couple of her magic pills and dedicates “Black Roses,” a song about not getting along with your mom, to her mom. This causes the mom to freak out at Scarlett backstage and grab her pretty violently. Scarlett gets flashbacks to her
mom losing it when she was kid.

So then… Scarlett asks Juliette if she can have the night off. Juliette’s like, “This isn’t Dairy Queen” and tells Scarlett if anyone understands mom issues it’s her, but she needs to figure out a way to perform. Juliette is amazing. Scarlett runs to her dressing room and pours a glass — like, literally a glass — of whiskey and starts chugging. Scarlett goes out on stage for her performance and imagines that her mom is in the crowd staring at her. There are crazy flashing red lights and it’s all very Mommie Dearest. Suddenly, Scarlett thinks she sees her mom on stage and crawls under the piano screaming.

Scarlett straight had a psychotic break and that’s darn hard to beat on the drama rankings.

2. Deacon
Deacon, Teddy and Rayna are all dealing with the aftermath of Maddie’s video, that she posted online as Maddie Claybourne, getting out. Teddy wants to have a press conference, Rayna wants to release a statement, and Deacon… is hiding out at his lake house because he’s pissed at Megan. Rayna finds him and sees an empty liquor bottle in the yard, but he says he poured it out so that he wouldn’t drink it. Good job, Deacon! Deacon tells Rayna that he won’t make any statements or do anything if Teddy is involved and tells Rayna to ask Teddy why. (It’s because of Megan, BTW.)

Somehow it’s decided that Teddy and Rayna are going to go on Good Morning America to come clean about Maddie. At the last minute Deacon shows up and they all tell the world the truth with Deacon adding that he didn’t know about Maddie because he’s a recovering alcoholic and didn't deserve to.

Later, Rayna and Deacon talk at the lake house and he asks why Rayna didn’t tell him about Maddie at any other point. She responds that he’ll never resent her as much as she resents him for being an alcoholic when they were together and she got pregnant. Deacon cries and it’s actually emotional and the loose ends of this weren’t wrapped up by the end of the episode. Well, done Nashville.

3. Rayna
Rayna has to fight off paparazzi — one of which literally grabs Maddie and pulls her, Rayna should totally sue — and figure out a plan for the Maddie thing. This ends up working out, obviously, but on the way Rayna has to ask Teddy why Deacon’s mad at him at level eleven rather than his usual level eight. When she finds out about Megan, Rayna asks if he did it as an attack on Deacon. Ouch.

4. Teddy
I still felt sort of bad for Teddy this week. I know he generally sucks, but he's just really pushed around by everyone. He gets super pissed when Rayna suggests that he slept with Megan as revenge on Deacon and explains that it was because Megan was the only one who understood him. See, that’s sad, right? I have complex feelings about Teddy and I don’t know if the show is going for this, but if they are, that’s a smart move.

5. Gunnar and Zoey
Gunnar gets his royalties check for the two songs he wrote for Luke and its for $400,000! I know nothing about music writing, but that seems EXTREMELY high for a songwriter’s two first big jobs. Gunnar tells Zoey that he wants to take her to dinner in Paris and SHE SAYS NO because she has a meeting the next day. Is she insane? When your boyfriend says he wants to take you on a spontaneous trip to Paris using the giant check he just received, YOU GO ON A SPONTANEOUS TRIP TO PARIS!

Instead — and maybe only because this show doesn’t have a budget that would support a Paris trip — Gunnar books Zoey studio time so she can get a professional demo. The next day, Zoey’s… person who is advising her on her career(?), tells her she should try out Los Angeles for more opportunities. Zoey tells Gunnar and he’s all, “What? Just try Nashville harder.” She’s like, “But these are my dreams, you have to focus on yours.” Then Gunnar is shown gazing at a house with a “for sale” sign. Gunnar is so going to try to pull a Jim from The Office and buy Zoey a house for them to live in and I’m not okay with that.

6. Juliette and Avery
Juliette was so lacking in drama this week that she, for the first time, has to share a ranking with Avery. Glen, of all people, suggests that Juliette contact Charlie Wentworth to get people to come to her Chicago show because he is literally in every city at all times. Charlie ends up getting the people, but also kisses Juliette and she pushes him off and tells him she’s with Avery. Juliette tells Avery Charlie “tried” to kiss her and this comes into play at the end when Juliette accidentally says Charlie kissed her and Avery’s like, “I thought you said tried.” Ugh. Shut up, Avery.

Also, throughout the episode, Juliette supports Maddie. Glen tells Juliette that the Maddie situation will distract people from her issues and Juliette says, “She’s a kid. I’d rather they talk about me” and later in the episode she’s shown texting thoughtful messages to Maddie. Their relationship doesn't come up often, but when it does it's well done. 

What did you think of tonight's Nashville? What did the show get right and wrong? Was it really the best of the season? Talk it out in the comments!

(All photos: ABC)