'Nashville' Recap: 'Guilty Street' Drama Rankings


Nashville finally decided to bring up some unresolved past issues in tonight’s episode. Namely, Deacon’s hurt hand that had magically seemed to repair itself and the whole Peggy-was-a-psychopath situation. Also, a certain business deal occurred that was in the making for weeks. Basically, this was the episode of Nashville were they finally got some things right — including having an episode title that isn’t ridiculously long. Here are the drama rankings for the appropriately simple “Guilty Street.”

1. Teddy
Teddy finally finds out that Peggy was a massive liar. He discovers that she was wiring money to her sister in secret and found pills in her old purse while both literally and figuratively cleaning out his closet. The pills are ones that women take after suffering a miscarriage, so he realizes she was no longer pregnant when they got married. He explains the situation to Megan, because she’s become his confidant, and somehow doesn’t mention that Peggy also used pork blood to fake a miscarriage after the wedding. Nashville, you done us good on this for the most part, but how do you not have that come up again?! This was the perfect opportunity! Teddy could have been like, "Ya know, I did find an empty container of pork blood in the trash that one time. I should have known."

Yadda, yadda, yadda, Teddy and Megan end up having sex. I KNOW!!!! They are the worst!!!

1B. Megan

Megan, while not a main character, gets her own subcategory this week because she cheated on Deacon with Teddy even though hours earlier Deacon told her he loved her and she responded saying the same. Teddy has the excuse of not being in the relationship (it’s a weak excuse because he knows she is in one), but Megan screwed up so bad that she made her inaugural solo drama rankings mention. That’s what happens when you cheat on Deacon.

2. Avery
Avery skips band practice with Gunnar and Zoey in order to take Juliette out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. She insists on paying for dinner after ordering expensive items and it makes Avery feel bad about himself. This is totally a personal problem because it’s not like he didn’t know he was dating a wealthy country star. Later, after Juliette gets an offer for a new deal with Edgehill that includes Avery, he gets upset because he doesn’t need her coattails in order to be successful. Even later, Avery shows up for a gig with G and Z and Gunnar is pissed that he got there late and missed practice. Avery gets snappy with him and ends up trying to find him after Gunnar comments that he is always with his rich girlfriend. They go on to play the show and Avery’s epic side-eye makes its triumphant return.

3. Juliette
A lot of presents arrive to Juliette’s house because after everyone heard “Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet," all is forgiven and record companies are after her again. Even Jeff from Edgehill wants her back. He happens to be at the same restaurant when Juliette and Avery go out to dinner and sends her a $10,000 bottle of champagne. In classic Juliette fashion, she walks over to the table, makes a snarky comment, and slams the bottle down so it explodes. Juliette and Jeff end up meeting at his office and he offers Juliette a huge record deal, her own imprint, and a $250,000 contract for Avery to produce. That evening at home, she almost signs her contract, but goes back on it telling Avery that she values his respect more than a deal with Jeff.

But the best part is… Juliette ends up meeting with Rayna and asking her if Highway 65 could use her and Rayna agrees. I saw this coming but, for once, Nashville had the decency to let it simmer for a couple of weeks and leave us wondering.

4. Will/Layla

Will and Layla return (from wherever the heck they were supposed to be) which is great because Will has an interesting storyline. Layla is upset that Edgehill stopped promoting her single and finds out it’s because Jeff doesn’t think her song is doing well enough and wants to drop her from the label. Also, Will and Layla try to have sex a couple of times and it doesn’t work out. In a particularly sad scene in bed, Layla asks what she can do to make it better and he responds that right now he just wants a beer and the remote. Layla was horrible at the beginning, but it will be seriously sad for her when Will comes out and the only thing she thought she knew is gone. Obviously, Will coming out is the most important thing though.

5. Scarlett
Scarlett is still recording with Liam and still making out with him during sessions. Rayna happens to walk in during one of these sessions and ends up firing Liam because she specifically asked that he not hook up with Scarlett. It’s hinted that she also does it because of their previous relationship. Scarlett is sad and isn’t confident that her music will be as good without him, but handles it fairly well. What happened to her drug problem? Is she just fine now? Will she not be able to get pills with Liam gone? We need answers!

6. Rayna
Highway 65 is in deep money problems and Tandy, the CFO, is to blame. At least as Rayna sees it. Rayna fires Tandy, rejects an offer for financial help from Luke, and agrees to sign Juliette, which is just the solution she needed. Rayna was surprisingly lacking in drama considering she ended the previous episode throwing bottles and screaming about THE LIES!!!

7. Deacon
Deacon is on a mini tour of sorts playing small gigs in bars around the south. At one of these, he requests a bucket of ice for his wrist which he explains, during a phone call with Megan, that he hurt playing guitar. This is the same phone call where he tells her he loves her. It’s so sad! Oh Deacon, if you only knew she was going to take your love, bottle it up, and go have sex with Teddy in a car. Anyway, I thought Deacon’s hand was what was hurt originally, but it’s nice to know that didn’t just clear up completely all of a sudden.

Deacon meets up with an old friend — a lady friend! — in Virginia and after a day hanging out together, she comes on to him and invites him to spend the night at her place. Deacon rejects her because he’s a decent person and immediately after we get the shot of Megan and Teddy’s hook up. Deacon returns home, gives Megan the souvenir hat he bought her, and she acts like everything is totally normal. Poor Deacon!

Do you feel bad for Deacon? Do you think the Juliette and Rayna situation is going to work out? Tell us what you think in the comments!

(All photos: ABC)