'Nashville' Recap: 'Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad' Drama Rankings


Nashville is back, y’all! After taking yet another hiatus, the show is back in full swing for the last three episodes of the season. In case you forgot the dramatic end of the previous episode: Scarlett had a psychotic break while onstage opening for Juliette and it was caused by a combination of her emotionally abusive mother, those dang pills from Liam, and alcohol. I’m sure you remember it now, so let’s take a look at how that played out. Here are the drama rankings for “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad.”

1. Scarlett
Scarlett retains her number one spot this week because, you guessed it, that whole mental breakdown thing is still going on. Scarlett flies on Juliette’s private jet to a clinic in Nashville where she’s evaluated and everyone gets all up in her business the entire time. Girl needs some time to rest, you guys! When Scarlett wakes up in the clinic, she sees her mother, Beverly, and realizes where she is and tries to flee. Rayna, who is also there because EVERYONE is there at some point, convinces her to go back inside. Beverly continues to tell Scarlett the worst things possible while she’s there. For example, “This runs in our family, it’s like a curse.”

Scarlett gets visits from Deacon, Rayna, her mother, Juliette, and even Zooey. She blames Juliette for her issues, but is happy to see Zooey. Rayna asks her “Do you want this?” meaning fame in the music business and Scarlett says, “No, I don’t. I don’t know what I want but it’s not this.” In the end, Scarlett signs herself out of the hospital and tells her mom she wants her to go back home. She realizes that she can’t place the blame for her bad decisions on anyone or anything except herself which actually sounds really healthy. Admitting that she has choices is a great thing when confronted with the idea that psychotic issues are just the way it has to be for her. She fights against it and it makes me realize that I might be able to start liking Scarlett again.

2. Juliette
Juliette is pissed that even though she was the one to bring Scarlett all the way back to Nashville, Rayna takes over and tells her to leave once they reach the clinic. Basically, for the entire episode Juliette wants to help out but is unable to. Not only does Scarlett blame her for making her go on stage, Avery backs this up saying that when Juliette told her “this is how it works” it meant she forced her onto the stage. Shut up, Avery.

Later, Juliette overhears Scarlett telling Avery that he was her first love and Avery saying she’ll always have a piece of his heart. Maybe if everyone would stop showing up at the clinic and give Scarlett a break, this wouldn’t have happened. Angry, Juliette goes to some party, seemingly talks to an ice sculpture that cools down drinks (anyone else see that?), and bangs Jeff Fordham in a random room. Yep, that happened. Sometimes you just gotta let go of your worries and have sex with your former boss who you hate.

3. Deacon

Deacon blames Rayna for Scarlett’s issues because he never thought she was ready for a big tour. Then Beverly (who, to be clear, is his sister) blames him for her issues because he left home when they were younger meaning she had to live with their crazy parents. This leads Deacon to realize that his family has an issue with blaming people for things and apologizes to Rayna. This whole episode was literally people showing up to Scarlett’s clinic and then blaming each other for their problems.

4. Gunnar
Gunnar buys a house (remember the foreshadowing?) which is nice and is significant only in that it will mean Will and Layla will now have his old place to themselves. (More on this later.) Thankfully, he didn't buy the house for Zooey as I predicted. Gunnar is offered a writing contract with Edgehill which he refuses; One, because Edgehill is tanking and two, because during his pitch Jeff calls Scarlett a “loony.”

Later on at the party, Gunnar sees Jeff and Juliette return from their sexcapades and makes a face that says, “Oh no. Why am I the only one that noticed this?” I agree, Gunnar. You are not the dramatic type, but now you’re suddenly wielding great blackmailing power. I’m worried too.

5. Will
Will is still gay and still married to former singing competition runner-up/former annoying person Layla. They get approached about doing a reality show. Layla’s on board, but Will’s not so sure. Jeff tells Will that it’s a bad idea and they both know why (it could out him as gay), but Will is so in denial that this makes him want to do the show even more. Layla and Will decide to do the show. Here’s hoping they call it #WillAndLayla.

6. Avery
Avery is a big bucket of blah. Obviously he really cares about Scarlett and needs to be there for her, but instead of talking to Juliette about this when she’s clearly considered and very jealous, he storms out of her house and heads to the clinic where he ends up spending the night because Scarlett "wouldn’t let go" of his hand. I’m not saying he shouldn’t support his friend, he just should be open about the situation with his girlfriend.

7. Rayna
Rayna gets bullied by the siblings Claybourne for causing issues for Scarlett and stands up to them fantastically because she’s Rayna freakin’ Jaymes. She does a radio interview and also handles questions about the Maddie controversy and Scarlett perfectly. When Scarlett tells her she doesn’t want to continue with her career, Rayna drops her from her contract. Rayna’s great, but her record label is screwed.

What did you think of tonight's episode? What do you think Scarlett will do next? Are you excited about Will and Layla's reality show? Talk it out in the comments!

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