'Nashville' Recap: "You're No Angel Yourself" Drama Rankings


Tonight on Nashville we got a canceled tour, a unexpected date, a stupid proposal, a top secret USB, and a reallllly moody teenager. Yeah, there was a lot going on, but I know for sure what this week's biggest triumph was-- Deacon didn't make either of the top two spots! You go, Deacon! I knew you could do it! With no further ado, here's the Drama Rankings for “You're No Angel Yourself.”

1. Maddie

Maddie's pulled her emo teen thing before — which, again, is totally reasonable since the girl found out her dad isn't her dad — but this week she really went for it. First, she wouldn't stop listening to music while visiting her grandma's grave with her family. Then, she ran away from the symphony gala in honor of her grandmother but only after telling a waiter, “That looks so gross” in reference to the caviar he was carrying around. But WHY did she run away? Because Teddy “You Are Not The Father” Conrad was at the event with Peggy who was wearing her granny's ring around her neck. That's right, Teddy proposed to Peggy. (More on this later.) Maddie runs off because, like everyone else she's like, “What the heck, bro?” She gets as far as a gas station before calling Juliette to pick her up and being returned to her mom after a heart-to-heart about having a caring mom.


First of all, still can't believe this lady's name is Tandy (no offense to all you Tandy's out there). Second of all, these two make the ranks this week because apparently Lamar had Rayna and Tandy's mother killed thirty years ago, but got away with it and was never questioned. This was hinted at in this season's premiere, but in this episode we find out Tandy has hired a private investigator to track down some information on the car crash that killed her mother. There's a tense scene of questioning between Tandy and Lamar at the gala and at the end of the episode, Tandy passes a USB over to a lawyer saying that Lamar needs to get his comeuppance.


Edgehill Records wants Will's first single to be the song written by Gunnar that he sang last week at the stockholders' party. Will asks Gunnar about it. Gunnar says maybe. Gunnar plays the song alone to no one. Gunnar tells Will he wants to keep the song for himself. Will tells Gunnar he's, like, so totally jealous. Meanwhile, Avery overhears part of their conversation and tells Gunnar he supports him keeping the song. It was not very exciting but it did provide us with a sneaky Avery eyebrow raise and maybe tore apart a friendship, so there's that.

4. Juliette

Juliette spends this whole episode trying to figure out what to do about her tour because she was supposed to co-tour with Rayna, but Rayna cancels at the beginning of the episode. As always, Juliette gets some great one-liners like, “I only play arenas, you know that!” Eventually she decides that new girl, Leila, can open for her. This will cover Juliette's tween fan base while allowing her to branch off with her new music.

5. Peggy/Teddy

The Peggy and Teddy storyline this week starts with Peggy taking a pregnancy test with Teddy in the next room and the pregnancy test very clearly reading, “No.” Do preganacy tests this blunt even exists? Either way, I loved it and I love that the lady faking her pregnancy still thinks there's hope. So then, Peggy enters the room with Teddy. He goes on some spiel about running for senate and, without transition, says, “This was my mother's ring” and holds it out to her. No one knee. No, “Will you marry me?” And Peggy says, “Are you doing this to avoid a scandal or so we can be together as a family?” NEITHER OF THOSE ARE WHY YOU GET MARRIED! Um... how about LOVE??? And Teddy says, “Would it be wrong if I said both?” Yes. Yes it would. Peggy, idiot that she is, responds, “I love you.” She then wears the ring as a necklace with a low cut dress, mind you, to the gala which prompts the Maddie runaway.

6. Rayna

Well, aside from dealing with Maddie, she still can't sing. This leads her to cancel her tour with Juliette; although she claims it's because she needs to spend time with her family. She also arrives at Deacon's house looking for Maddie The Runaway only to find that Deacon's there with a new lady friend. This makes her awkward, but she's more focused on finding her daughter. Oh, and she finds out that Peggy's “pregnant.”

7. Deacon

Deacon tries to pay his court appointed attorney and she's like, “It doesn't work like that, buddy. Take me to dinner instead if you insist on payment.” So he does and they have a really amazing time talking about her murdered ex-boyfriend. It's so fantastic and not depressing that they go back to his place for a little kissin' but before things go too far, Rayna shows up looking for Maddie. Lawyer Lady takes it well. I liked these two together. I hope we see more of her. I know. I know. I'm supposed to be team Rayna + Deacon 4 Ever.


Scarlett is annoyed at the sexy photoshoot she has to do for Edgehill because it's not her style, so she has relaxes by reminiscing about the old days with BFF Zoey afterwards. Zoey gets a few classic best friend lines like, “We need to fix that!” and, “Let's go make some new old times.” Let me tell you, I'm suspicious of this Zoey. If their karaoke duet taught me anything, it's that Zoey secretly wants the spotlight for herself. We already saw her want the Gunnar for herself. By the way, remind me to never do karaoke in Nashville. Everyone is amazing at it.

Did you like tonight's episode? How do you feel about Deacon's new lady friend? Juliette's new tour partner? Teddy's ridiculously stupid proposal? Talk it over in the comments!