'Nashville' Recap: 'They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore' Drama Rankings


Nashville returned from hiatus tonight and we finally got to find out about the aftermath of Lamar's sudden, and convenient, heart attack. Also, we got to hear Juliette's new song "Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet" FOUR times. Unfortunately, songs cannot make the drama rankings, but if they could, it would be number one. Here are the drama rankings for "They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore."

1. Rayna
Teddy tells Rayna of Lamar's death (yep, he actually died) and she stays calm about it throughout nearly the entire episode. Tandy accuses her of not feeling anything and Rayna replies, "I feel plenty, just his being dead doesn't change any of that." And this is exactly how she should feel. Lamar was a horrible person and realizing your father was horrible and dead within a 48 hour (or was it even less?) period is rough! Later, Deacon gets pissy with Rayna because she won't talk to him about Lamar. He insists that he can help and she's like, "Really? Because I found out Lamar murdered my mom. Now are you so understanding?" Deacon says, "Sometimes people do the wrong things for the right reasons." This is horrible advice because HER FATHER KILLED HER MOTHER AND HE'S DEAD. 

The next day, Rayna goes to Lamar's funeral with her family and afterwards stops by Lamar's office for a dramatic drink of his whiskey. THIS turns into a dramatic total trashing of his office with bottles and picture frames thrown everywhere. Teddy and Tandy show up (the funeral was at his home, presumably, and they aren't just psychic) and Rayna tells them through tears that the lying has to stop. 

2. Scarlett
Scarlett's still recording with Liam but is, apparently, no longer taking amphetamines. (If she's back to pill popping next week, I won't be surprised.) It's been obvious that there is a budding relationship between Liam and Scarlett since they started working together, and on this episode he tries to kiss her after they go out for post-work drinks. Scarlett rejects him and say she doesn't think it's a good idea. Way to stay strong Scarlett...

Oh wait, she totally goes back on it at the end of the episode. Scarlett stays the night in the recording studio after catching Deacon praise Zoey, Gunnar, and Avery's musical abilities at the Bluebird and decides she doesn't want to see him at home. The next morning, Liam shows up to the studio and Scarlett explains that she stayed there because all her former friends, lovers, and now uncle enjoy each other's company and work is all she has. Then she and Liam make out. Typical Scarlett. 

3. Teddy
At the end of the previous episode, Teddy watches Lamar die in his office and doesn't try to help. Granted, this happened quickly, but there was definitely enough time for Teddy to yell for help. Teddy admits to Megan (because he trusts her and might have a weird competitive thing with Deacon) that he told Lamar that Tandy was the star witness and says, "I had all the power in the moment and I didn't do anything." I thought this was going to end in a "Teddy is a murderer" scandal after last week, but now I have no idea. Is Megan going to out him? That seems weird.

4. Juliette
Juliette already has a new offer from a production company and an amazing review in the New York Times for her Opry performance. What?! She only had to deal with being without the promise of a record deal for one episode? Anyway, Glen tells Juliette that a super producer in L.A. named Howie V wants to meet her and record "Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet," a catchy song with a horribly long title. Juliette and Glen fly to L.A. and Howie V has her record the song with a gigantic band and do some crazy graveyard-themed photo shoot in an attempt to get her a Rolling Stone cover. It's totally nuts. Glen quits, which is genuinely sad, because Juliette's budding megastar career is too much for him to handle.

Juliette ends up going back to Nashville and somehow gets there in time for Deacon's Bluebird show that night. She decides that she likes Avery's recording of "Don't Put Dirt..." best and doesn't want to remove her "country twang" as Howie V suggested. And Glen takes his job back. Within one episode, Juliette went from no record company to a production deal to nothing again. This show doesn't stick with anything! But I am glad Juliette's back in Nashville, so there's that.

5. Deacon 
Deacon doesn't do anything offensive except be too pushy about Rayna confiding in him about Lamar. Other than that he just performs a couple shows with Avery, Zoey, and Gunnar. Those three didn't do anything else except decide to form a band so I'm not even giving them their own category.

Everyone got a little lumped together this week. Where was Will? Where was the Zoey and Gunnar drama? Glen almost got his own ranking, so that says a lot! Next week it looks like Jeff begs Juliette to come back to Edgehill. That should be interesting.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think Juliette should have stuck with Howie V? Where you emotional about Glen, too? Talk it over in the comments!

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