'Nashville' Recap: "Hanky Panky Woman" Drama Rankings


Tonight's episode had big shoes to fill as it followed up last week's episode of crazy craziness. How was Juliette going to react to Olivia Wentworth's kiss? How was Scarlett going to react to Gunnar joining her tour? How much longer was Deacon going to sulk about his injured hand? I had questions and Nashville had answers... kind of. More importantly, Omg, you guys, the pork blood! Can we talk about the pork blood first?!

1. Peggy
Yes. Yes, we can. I'm assuming you know where this is going since the topic of pork blood is arising in conjunction with the lady that's been faking her pregnancy. She truly deserves this number one drama spot.

Early in the episode, Teddy tells Peggy that he wants to go to her next doctors appointment. He gets all sentimental and it gives her the perfect opportunity to say, “I lost the baby two days ago and was scared to come clean.” Which is still a lie but only, like, a half lie. Instead she waits til the next day and calls him at work saying she has bad cramps. There is a mysterious brown paper bag sitting in front of her. I was intrigued. What was in the bag? More pregnancy tests? A fake baby belly? No. It was PORK BLOOD. The show didn't get too graphic with it, but Peggy dots some of it across the bathroom floor and is huddled in a corner crying when Teddy gets home. She tells Teddy she miscarried and that she knows he only married her because she was pregnant. He assures her that's not the case. This lady is straight psycho and I really hope she is found out by Teddy simply seeing the pork blood container in a wastebasket.

2. Scarlett
Scarlett's on tour in Tampa with Luke Wilson this week. Deacon shows up to support her and Rayna shows up to “support her.” The air quotes here meaning that Rayna's really there to hook up with Luke. Scarlett is super nervous to play an arena, as she should be, and right before she goes on she's made even more nervous when Jeff tells her that she answers to him now since Rayna was unsuccessful in buying out Highway 65. Scarlett does an awful job and the crowd boos and throws things at her, so she runs off stage. Luckily, Rayna is in the wings to take her back out telling her that it's now or never. Next thing we know, Scarlett's finished her set and is storming backstage freaking out at everyone who tries to speak to her. She gets some advice from Deacon, that Luke Wilson fans really only want to hear about trucks and beer anyway, and some better advice from Rayna who says that she's gotta keep at it and be strong. At the next night's concert (There are this many people in Tampa?), Scarlett has willed herself to be confident and does an amazing job. The episode ends with Scarlett leaving her mom (Scarlett has a mom?) a message about how she isn't sure she can go on with the tour. Lot of ups and downs for Scarlett, but no pork blood. Number two spot it is.

3. Juliette
Juliette's story starts right where we left off last week. Juliette tells Olivia Wentworth that she's not interested and that she needs to leave her hotel room. Thank god. I was not prepared for a Juliette and the Wentworths threesome. Juliette is so stressed out by all her Wentworthing that she leaves Dallas early to go vent to Avery about her issues. During their red wine and gossiping, Charlie Wentworth keeps texting her leading Juliette to submerge her phone in a glass of water. Avery tells Juliette to not let people take her power because that's what EVERYONE tells Juliette, so she goes back to Dallas where the Wentworths are out to dinner to confront them. Then she storms out to leave them to fight amongst themselves and goes back to Nashville again. This traveling back and forth makes no sense. She's on a tour! Anyway, back in Nashville, Charlie shows up at Juliette's door telling her he's in love with her. These Wentworths sure love a cliffhanger.

Cops show up at Rayna's house demanding that she turn over the master copy of her new album since it's Edgehill property and Jeff has placed a court order. She does so and then goes to Tampa for a mission of getting with Luke, fighting with Jeff, and supporting Scarlett, in that order. Jeff wants Rayna's album released now because he needs the profits from it. He's even created his own hideous album art which features Rayna with wings made of fire and is called, “Rising Out of the Ashes.” Luckily, while Luke and Rayna are making sweet love, they hear Gunnar and Scarlett rehearsing the song Gunnar's written for Luke. Both Rayna and Luke declare it an instant hit duet and perform it together the next night. Rayna tells Jeff that he can release this song instead and allow her to keep her album to be released when she sees fit. He agrees to this because he's all about the moolah. Problem solved!

5. Deacon
Deacon didn't do much this week other than give iffy advice to Scarlett. The only reason he's here rather than in the last spot is because he still complained about his hurt hand. At the end of the episode when he saw Luke and Rayna perform, it brought out some sort of jealousy-fueled motivation in him. He tells Scarlett that a solo career had never worked out for him, but “I ain't dead and I ain't done.” Yeah! Go get 'em, Deacon! Also, go back home to that lawyer girlfriend of yours. I like her.

6. Gunnar
Gunnar is on tour with Luke and Scarlett solely to learn how to write songs for a country superstar like Luke Wilson. He pulls it off extremely fast and on day two of the tour has already written the Luke/Rayna duet. This means Jeff has to let him perform in the Music City Festival. Gunnar is stoked on all of this and drama free. You're adorable Gunnar. Keep on keepin' on.

What did you think of this week's Nashville? What did you think was in the paper bag? Are you totally over the Wentworths? Talk it out in the comments!