Mike Duvall Claims Graphic Sex Story Was All Just Talk

In the latest bizarre twist in the story of Mike Duvall's scandalous open-mic storytelling, the former Assemblyman says that while he was caught telling stories, that's all they were -- stories.

Mike Duvall (Official Head Shot)
In a statement on his website, Duvall claims that despite telling graphic stories of 2 women he slept with, he has not carried on any affairs. Duvall says he's guilty only of "inappropriate story-telling." Here's the full statement.

"I want to make it clear that my decision to resign is in no way an admission that I had an affair or affairs. My offense was engaging in inappropriate story-telling and I regret my language and choice of words. The resulting media coverage was proving to be an unneeded distraction to my colleagues and I resigned in the hope that my decision would allow them to return to the business of the state."

Heidi DeJong Barsuglia (cawrecycles.org) Duvall resigned Wednesday after a video made its way around the Internet where he can be heard telling a fellow assemblyman the details of 2 affairs, including one with lobbyist Heidi DeJong Barsuglia.

She wears little eye-patch underwear. So, the other day she came here with her underwear, Thursday. And
 so, we had made love Wednesday--a lot! And so she'll, she's all, 'I am going 
up and down the stairs, and you're dripping out of me!' So messy!" (More from OCWeekly.com)

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger now has 14 days to call a special election, which could be held in November. The cost of the election is estimated between $330,000 and $440,000.

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