Shocker: Heidi Montag Pulls Out of Reality Show

Bauer Griffin

Heidi Montag isn't exactly the kind of gal to shy out of the spotlight, hence our disbelief when it was revealed that she pulled out of the chance to star in another reality TV show. The blonde star was supposed to start up another show with her Hills co-star Jennifer Bunney this summer, but she apparently pulled the plug.

Heidi Montag (Pacific Coast News)
Jennifer has revealed on her blog: "Originally I was supposed to do a reality show with Heidi , but right now it looks like some things have changed."

She has denied the pair had a big fight and claims Heidi has simply changed her mind - saying she doesn't know if she "wants to be in a reality TV series at the moment with everything going on in her personal life".

She added: "No we are not in a fight and no Heidi is not 'dropping' me to do reality shows with the twins."

Heidi - who has had multiple plastic surgery procedures - had been rumoured to be planning a show with Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriends, twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon.

The star had also talked about launching a music career after Heidi+Montag in Heidi and Spencer Pratt on the Set of 'Go With It'having the "best summer" of her life following her split from her husband Spencer Pratt. She has been working on a second album with Steve Morales - who has previously worked on records with Destiny's Child and Christina Aguilera.

Disappointed Jennifer, meanwhile, says her reality TV show is still going to air in January despite Heidi dropping out. She said: "Although I wanted to do this project with her, I also respect that she has a lot to deal with right now and have to decided to go ahead and move forward with it alone. My hope is that she will want to be involved later on."

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