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Here's How 'The Conners' Can Survive Without Roseanne

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Is there any way for The Conners to succeed without Roseanne Barr? Well, ABC certainly thinks so. After giving the spinoff a 10-episode, straight-to-series order, the network has high hopes for the forthcoming series. The original show was heavily based on the real-life persona of Barr and her identity as a comedian remains tied up in the show's DNA. That's precisely why rebranding The Conners as a separate entity from its predecessor is integral in establishing its success.

When the spinoff airs this fall, it will be dissected under a spotlight. Rather than shying away from the thornier issues that prompted Barr’s disgraceful exit, hopefully The Conners has the courage to address and tackle them head on. In fact, there are plenty of narrative choices the writers can make to ensure the spinoff’s legacy in pop culture. Keep reading to find out all the ways The Conners can survive without its mouthy matriarch, Roseanne.