Hilary Duff's New Album 'Breathe In. Breathe Out.' Might Reveal the Truth About Her Relationship with Ex Mike Comrie

Nearly every song on 'Breathe In. Breathe Out.' reveals Hilary's relationship headspace.

When many of us regard Hilary Duff, we still envision little Lizzie McGuire digging through overly-stuffed closets in frustration, lamenting various pre-teen life choices, and philosophizing in cartoon form.

This, among other reasons, is why it's so cool to see her growing up, raising a son of her own, and releasing great music.

In quick summary, Breathe In. Breathe Out. is a worthwhile listen. The album thrives on a feel-good vibe that speaks to relatable instances of love, loss and change.

When we observe a kid grow into an adult so closely, we sometimes feel an almost protective bond with them; we want to see them do well, and mature. So if you were a fan of Duff way back in the day, we're confident in hoping you'll be just as proud of her newest chart-topper.

Before our eyes, we're watching Duff's metamorphosis from (frankly) subpar, overly auto-tuned teen performer to the type of artist whose music will be blasted because it's legitimately fun and poppy - not only because a part of us still guiltily lusts after her fabulous butterfly clips.

Hilary Duff's New Album 'Breathe In. Breathe Out.' Might Reveal the Truth About Her Relationship with Ex Mike Comrie

Even more interesting is that what seems to be nearly all of the songs on the album clearly reference her now defunct relationship with Canadian ice hockey player Mike Comrie.

She and Comrie share a son, Luca, who is too sweet for words in his three-year-old splendor.


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As a matter of fact, the album as a whole seems to serve as one giant ode to her ex-husband, shedding much more light on what has thus far been an exceedingly elusive breakup for Hollywood.


Here's a rundown of the 12 songs on Breathe In. Breathe Out.

1. Sparks

Ticking tocking like a bomb
Throws me back when I had you closer
Skin to skin we get it on
Without the love I feel you going bolder

"Sparks" was the album's first teaser, and fans weren't disappointed.

It's suggestive, sassy, and may or may not suggest that Duff still hooks up with Comrie despite their strenuous past. This wouldn't be the most uncommon, nor the most scandalous revelation, but it does indicate that the split hasn't been a walk in le parq.

2. My Kind

I'll let my walls come down tonight
Will let you waste my time
I don't care if it's all a lie

This song listens as the good girl's tale of YOLO.

Duff illustrates her affinity for this person and the fact that she's with them "for the night" despite the deep-rooted knowledge that it probably won't work out.

3. One In A Million

Promise this is just a phase
Should I stand around and wait
While you're living in a haze?
I'm one in a million
And you're going down without me, wishing you had someone like me

"One In a Million" is one giant pro-self binge and it's all kind of fantastic. Every woman in a less-than-ideal relationship eventually comes to the realization that she's too good for these behaviors; this is Hilary's moment.

4. Confetti

Every piece of me holds on for daylight
You freak out, you side-affect me
You're turning me into confetti

Who knew that confetti had such propensity for tragedy?

5. Breathe In. Breathe Out.

I made a top 10 list of all the things I'd miss
Your lying eyes and lips they didn't make it
And when I'm cold at night, I know that I'll survive
Until I feel alright, I'm gonna fake it

Yaaassssss, girl, yaaassssss.

Hilary waves a slow goodbye to Comrie as her man-filled, rose-laden bright red Ferrari rounds the corner. Streamers softly fall onto Comrie's shoulders as he regrets his actions.

6. Lies

We're falling apart, we're falling apart
Like a house of cards
And I know in my heart, I know in my heart
That this has gone too far
I'm done with your lies

Obviously "lying" is a consistent theme.

This tune in general has a much more aggressive vibe. It's also probably one of the better breakup songs I've heard this year. Use this knowledge as you will.

7. Arms Around A Memory

You can't put your arms around a memory
And now I'm wishing you were here
As much as I wish you would disappear
So will you remember to forget me?


8. Stay In Love

Stay in love, give me a reason
Do you remember when I said I'd die for you?
Not a single day, pretend it's true

At this point it's clear that this breakup wasn't easy. Your heart goes out to Hilary; you're remembering moments when you felt the exact same way with your own SO.

9. Brave Heart

And we both tried, but that's just life
And now come to an end
The tears have dried, made up my mind
And now, I'm ready to begin

"Brave Heart" aptly describes that journey in which you've been with someone for a long time, but have come to the point that it's just not right anymore. Arguably one of the worst feelings in the world.

Aaand I just wanna crawl into Lizzie's closet and hide.

10. Tattoo

You're under my skin, running in my bloodstream
These scars are the way that you loved me
I guess that you had to leave a tattoo on my skin

Duff partnered with Ed Sheeran (who wrote the track) to produce what might be the slowest song on the album.

It's also the most conversational, almost reminiscent of a song you'd hear on a Taylor Swift album. Good old Ed.

11. Picture This

Let it live inside our heads
Let our hearts cross the line, it's time
I pictured this, it's better than it
Let's leave it where we'll both be missed

"Picture This" is the most NSFW track on the album, while simultaneously managing to remain entirely wholesome — yet another ode to the memory of intimate moments had with someone you're no longer on the same page.

12. Night Like This

I could feel anticipation through my veins
I can almost feel the weight of your kiss on my lips
Cause anything could happen on a night like this

A duet with singer-songwriter Kendall Schmidt, this song is a far cry from the emotion that's expressed in the rest of the album. Though its lyrics continue to explore love and relationships, it's the singular track that's looking to the future as opposed to the past.

Breathe In. Breathe Out. is available now on iTunes.

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