Hillary Clinton's Veep Credentials Broken Down

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton June 3, 2008 (Getty Images)

Born: Oct. 26, 1947 (age 60); Chicago, Illinois
Spouse: Bill Clinton
Current Residence: Chappaqua, NY
Religion: United Methodist Church
College: Wellesley College; Yale Law School
Credentials: U.S. First Lady, 1993-2001; U.S. Senate New York, 2001-present

The Good
  • Would (hopefully) unite the Democratic party in national election
  • Brings experience in forein diplomacy and knows her way around the Oval Office
  • Would create the so-called "Dream Ticket"

The Bad
  • A polarizing figure, Clinton does not fit in with Obama 's post-partisan message of unity.
  • Rift created by bitter primaries may leave people skeptical of an Obama/Clinton ticket.
  • Just as often reffered to as the "Nightmare Ticket"

A tooth-and-nail competitor, if Hillary Clinton is chosen for VP, expect her to take John McCain to the mat.

Forget Obama's touchy-feely unity, if you bring Hillary on board, it's because you want her to put the hurt on the Republicans. With her you get the double threat of party unity and vicious attack dog.

Unfortunately, this same tenacity is exactly what created a rift in the Democratic party. If Obama chooses Clinton, he'll be betting the party faithul will matter more than borderline Republicans.
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