'SNL' Hilariously Spoofs Hillary Clinton's Election Video

No matter which side you're on, we can all agree that political parodies always win.

'SNL' Hilariously Spoofs Hillary Clinton's Election Video

Kate McKinnon for president! 

The SNL funny lady provided us with a brilliant satire of Hillary Clinton's election video during Saturday's opener. Poking fun at the presidential hopeful's "hard" personality, Clinton and her aide (Vanessa Bayer) attempted to film a video message (on the infamous Blackberry) to announce her candidacy on social media. The result: a hilariously tyrannic bundle of greetings like "Citizens! You will elect me! I will be your leader!" followed by a cameo from a saxophone-playing Bill (Darrell Hammond). 

Check out the clip below. Are you excited to see more political portrayals as we kick off election season? 

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