Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton Addresses Recent Primary Losses on 'SNL'

It's up to you. New York, New York.

Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton Addresses Recent Primary Losses, Deems Herself the 'Underdog'

SNL's Kate McKinnon — that's Hillary to you — was back at her old tricks on Saturday, this time addressing democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's recent string of primary losses.

The long and short of it? Don't worry about her, this is all part of the plan, mmkay?

As Clinton, McKinnon established that "you win some, you lehhhh sum." A profound statement that any Type A individual can relate to on every possible level. At that point, a friendly maintenance man [Kenan Thompson] enters to fix the seven mysterious holes (representing absolutely nothing at all, okay?) that have found themselves in Clinton's wall.

"Hillary" went on to say that she'd been humanized by the losses to the point that she was now "the underdog." Everybody likes the underdog, right? No worries, "Hillary," New York is definitely the turning point — especially if you keep wolfing down those NYC street hot dogs.

To hear more on the very un-frontrunnerly candidate's plans for a comeback, check out the video below.

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