Hockey Fans Really Like to Throw Things

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Every sport has crazy fans. Fans that yell, scream, make signs or dress up at every game, but in all my years of following sports I have never seen fans throw ridiculous things onto the area of play more than hockey fans.

Maybe it doesn't happen that often, but honestly, hockey fans throw some pretty crazy things onto the ice, and they get excited about it. In some cases the act of throwing something on the ice is steeped in tradition, still there are a few cases where fans just feel like throwing something.

The Detroit Octopus
Historically Detroit Red Wings fans have thrown octopi onto the ice during home playoff games for good luck. It all started in 1952 when the owner of a local fish market threw one from the stands onto the ice. The eight legs are meant to symbolize the eight wins it took at the time to win the Stanley Cup. Well, the tradition stuck and to this day fans often throw octopi after the singing of the national anthem.

The Hat Trick
A hat trick is common in most sports, it's anytime a player scores three times in a single game. In hockey there's also the "natural hat trick" when a single player scores three goals in a single period, which is much harder to achieve. Still, although the hat trick is common in pretty much every sport, hockey is the only sport I've been to where people actually throw hats onto the ice.

The Cornell Fish Toss
It's apparently a tradition to throw fish on the ice when Cornell hockey faces off against Harvard at home. Don't ask me why. Apparently the fans of the two schools have a long history of throwing things onto the ice. In 1973 Harvard fans began throwing dead chickens on the ice, and although they no longer continue that tradition, Cornell fans continue to throw fish. My question is, where do you store the dead fish while you're waiting to throw them onto the ice? Dead fish smell really bad.

Swedish Fans Throw Dildos
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So, maybe this one isn't a tradition, but it's just an example of the fact that hockey fans will throw anything on the ice. When a Swedish hockey player lost his cell phone and explicit photos of him and his girlfriend were released onto the Internet, hockey fans for an opposing team threw the penis shaped toys onto the ice to mock him. Only in Sweden.

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