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Behold the lowly, the ignored, the ridiculed, the reviled — the box office flop! No one wants to spend their hard-earned money at the movie theater only to be soundly disappointed in what they see. We want them all to be hits, but that just ain't realistic. 

Some movies are gonna flop. That doesn't, however, mean they aren't worth seeing. Certain flicks just don't hit home with audiences right away. They find fans later.

It's expensive to go to the cinema so it makes sense some people wait for home release or TV until they see a movie. Films are always seen by more people after they leave theaters. And that's usually how cult classics are born.

A cult film is one with a devoted following, be it small or large. Sometimes cult films are born right away and sometimes it takes years. There's no real formula, but the most interesting cult films are the flops — the movies that were initially hated before finding fans later. These are our favorites...