Breaking Down the Sheer Awesomeness of the Full 'Sharknado' Trailer

(Photo: SyFy)

With masterpieces like Sharktopus, Dinocroc, and Piranhaconda, SyFy's reputation for making movies about mutant animal hybrids proceeds itself. But oh how they've outdone themselves with their latest original movie, Sharnado. Yes, thats exactly what it sounds like: "A supersized storm sucks sharks from the ocean and hurls them onto land." SyFy, you magnificent bastards, you've done it again! Genius!

A movie about a shark-infested twister has all the makings of being the best* thing ever, and the trailer totally supports that. Let's break it down.
So many sharks. Like the literal version of that gang in West Side Story.

Windows will not protect pretty waitresses from being eaten alive.

The Jersey Shore gets destroyed.

The city streets get flooded.... with sharks.

A man gets eaten by a shark in his own home. HIS OWN HOME! It's like that SNL sketch come to life.

The sharks can climb, apparently.

And fly. Totally not fair.

Ian Ziering, yes that Ian Ziering, has turned into a total badass who jumps down a shark's throat while wielding a chainsaw.
He also shoots them out of the sky like he's playing Duck Hunt or something.

And this. All of this:

Sorry other movies, all the Oscars are accounted for.

Watch it all come together in the full trailer, below. And set your DVR for Sharknado, today at 9pm on SyFy.
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