Like Father Like Daughter: Ireland Baldwin Tells the Paparazzi How She Really Feels

(Photos: Getty Images | Pacific Coast News)

Alec Baldwin's distaste for the paparazzi has been well documented over the years, most recently after his homophobic Twitter tirade against a Daily Mail reporter. But it seems like this trait may be hereditary because now it's his 17-year-old model daughter dropping Twitter bombs on the paps.

Ireland Baldwin is fast becoming a fixture in the pop culture/celebrity news cycle and as such, she's becoming a target of pushy photographers and fans alike. Well, apparently she's not too thrilled with the paparazzi side effects of her ascent up the fame ladder. Ireland took to Twitter to express her true feelings regarding the paps, and, as you'd guess, they were strongly negative.

Baldwin gets pretty creative with her threats and name-calling. But what do you expect from somone who was called a "rude, thoughtless little pig" by her own father when she was just 12 (or 11... that part's fuzzy even for Alec)?

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