What Happens When You Are Stung By An Irukandji Jellyfish?

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Victims of Irukandji stings first experience a burning sensation, followed by a red rash, followed rapidly by "Irukandji Syndrome". During "Irukandji Syndrome," blood pressure increases quickly and for children or the elderly or anyone with a weak heart this can often lead to heart failure and death.Read Full Story

Clair Maloney stung by Irukandji Jellyfish

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Each year a handful of people are stung by Irukandji in the Mackay and Sarina region. This year, Clair Maloney was among the unlucky ones. She was stung by a deadly Irukandji at Harbour Beach. "I was getting leg cramps, back pain, abdominal pain and my chest was burning – the pain is really bad, someone said it is worse than child birth," she said. Lifesavers quickly recognized the irukandji sting and called an ambulance to rush Maloney to nearby Mackay Base Hospital. Clair has made a full...Read Full Story

Queensland swimming lagoon irukandji sting

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A teenage girl was severely stung by Irukandji at The Strand rock pool in Townsville, Quennsland. It was only the third time in 60 years an Irukandji sting had been recorded at The Strand. Are Irukandji on the rise, or is this just a statistical chance?Read Full Story

Paul Barker calls for more Irukandji research

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Regarding the recent discovery of Irukandji jellyfish off of Fraser island: "Bad for business, but good for us, we'll have a lot more funding to find more animals and research more animals and get the antidote from them." -- Paul Barker, Australia's newly crowned lifeguard of the yearRead Full Story

Fraser Island - risk of Irukandji jellyfish?

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Recent discoveries of Irukandji jellies in the waters off of Fraser Island have sparked debate about whether or not to warn tourist on the main beaches and waterways. Mark Henderson responded to questions about how tourist resorts would warn visitors and how visitors should assess the risk by saying; "Generally most of Fraser Island is quite different to that, and certainly the main swimming beaches along Hervey Bay itself, quite a different environment and very rare to find a situation...Read Full Story