Isis King -- Transgender ANTM contestant dishes about surgery

Isis King, the first transgendered contestant on America's Next Top Model.
Isis King appeared on the Tyra Banks's talk show talk about the surgery that turned her into a woman, the famous freeze-up she suffered when modeling in a bikini, and what it's like for her post operation.

Not only that, but she got engaged. Pretty good for an afternoon talk show.

From an Us Weekly article detailing Isis' appearance on Tyra:
Isis King, the first transgender contestant on the CW's America’s Next Top Model, opens up to Tyra Banks about her sex change operation, her new life as a woman and her boyfriend, Desmond.

King, 23, was infamously voted off the 11th cycle of Top Model after freezing up during a water shoot because she was so nervous about wearing a bikini. Last November, Banks introduced King to a surgeon who paid for the operation to turn her into a woman -- and in an appearance on the show this Monday, Banks gives her the chance to recreate the pool scene.

"I got the bathing suit issue out of the way," King says while showing off three sexy photos. "I feel very confident and sexy."

The aspiring model says it took four hours and 15 minutes to change from a male into an anatomical female. She still remembers what it was like to look in
the mirror after the surgery.

"It's almost like I was supposed to have it," says King, who was born Darrell Walls and used to live in a homeless shelter. "Although it was swelling and bruising and everything, automatically I felt more comfortable. I was ready to walk around the house in my little shorts. I just felt more confident."

King also introduces her beau, Desmond, whom she met more than three years ago -- before her surgery -- on MySpace.

"When we were just friends, I had a dream I was getting married," he tells Banks. "As the bride came down the aisle, it was Isis... She’s strong, she’s beautiful, she’s my soul mate."

With that, Desmond gets down on one knee and proposes to King.

Her response?

"Yes!" King says. "Oh my Goodness. Oh my goodness. Are you serious?”

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