Chris Pratt Posts Sweet Video of Son Jack to Support Prematurely Born Babies

After his own scary experience, Pratt is showing support for parents going through the same thing.

Chris Pratt Posts Sweet Video of Son Jack to Support Prematurely Born Babies

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris made a beautiful human being. Jack, sitting quietly at the table, crayon in hand and neon green bucket atop his head, is so perfect that it's almost unfathomable to imagine him not being here with us today. Unfortunately, not all parents are so lucky.

Pratt himself supported this message through Instagram on Tuesday, World Prematurity Day, sharing a video of Jack enjoying his parents' duet of "ding dong, the witch is dead," from The Wizard of Oz.

Now a healthy little boy, Jack was born nine weeks early in the August of 2012, weighing a mere three pounds, 12 ounces.

"Today is World Prematurity Day," Pratt wrote.

"Premature birth is the leading cause of death in children under 5 worldwide. About 15 million babies are born too soon every year. Nearly 1 million of these babies die within the first month of life. Support #WorldPrematurityDay and join the millions of volunteers who support #MarchofDimes."

Almost exactly a year ago, the 36-year-old spoke at the March of Dimes celebration, illustrating exactly how harrowing prematurity is.

"We were ready, we had been trying, and we were thrilled," he said. "We were going to have a boy. My son — who was this guy going to be? What would we name him?

"Our little Jack didn't want to be an October baby. He wanted to be born in the summer, I guess. Anna woke me up in the middle of the night and she told me that her water had just broken. It was two-and-a-half months early. Oh, baby. Ready or not."

While doctors did what they could to prolong Jack's birth, he came August 25.

"Anna got to hold him for a moment and then it was off to the NICU — the neonatal intensive care unit. Three pounds, 12 ounces. That's a decent size bass. Very small for a human. He would need a lot. He had jaundice, so they put a blindfold on him and he slept beneath [a] creepy light and he had a PICC line, which is an IV that runs up his arm into his heart. He had a feeding tube and just wires in and out, and he lived in that incubator. That was his first crib.

"He was hooked up to these monitors and to us it meant that the machine started beeping because he stopped breathing over and over. One of the brave, amazing nurses would come over and shake him a little bit, I guess to remind him he was alive...My little boy was laying across my neck and chest feeling my heartbeat and feeling my love, and I played him country music and I sang to him and I made him promises… in that moment… you know, about… just about what kind of dad I wanted to be, and I just prayed that he'd be here long enough and he was going to let me keep him."

Now three, Jack is thriving, but the Jurassic World actor continues to support the March of Dimes, sharing his experience to spread awareness.

We're glad you're here, Jack.

To learn more about World Prematurity Day and the March of Dimes, head to their website.

Chris Pratt Posts Sweet Video of Son Jack to Support Prematurely Born Babies

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