Jackie Chan Wins an Honorary Oscar After 56 Years of Making Movies

By Cecily Trowbridge on
"After 56 years in the film industry, making more than 200 films, breaking so many bones, finally this is mine."Read Full Story

Ranking the Baddest Action Stars of the 1980s

By Joe Robberson on
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Jackie Chan Is Retiring From Acting, Sort Of

By Adam Wenger on
Jackie Chan's next action movie, Chinese Zodiac 2012, will be hist last major action feature. The Chinese superstar told Reuters recently that he is getting too old to tackle large scale action films. And so, sadly, he's ready to retire from acting, sort of. "I'm not young any more," he said. But don't think for a second that he's going to fade away anytime soon. No, the 58-year-old actor has plans to keep busy in the field of philanthropy. And he hasn't entirely given up on acting. He just...Read Full Story

Jackie Chan Angers Chinese With 'Controlling' Remarks

By Alicia Dennis on
Getty Images.Jackie Chan isn't so sure that China should be a free society, apparently. And unsurprisingly, this has angered a lot of people.At a business forum in Hainan, a southern Chinese province, Chan said: I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not. I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want.According to MSNBC, Chan went on to say that Hong Kong and Taiwan were "chaotic" societies as a result of...Read Full Story