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Jamar Rogers Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's 24th Annual "A Time For Heroes" - Inside
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Jamar Rogers 'The Voice' Season 4 Premiere Screening
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Jamar Rogers Audi And Derek Lam Kick Off Emmy Week 2012
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Exclusive Interview: Jamar Rogers of 'The Voice' on Music, Passion, and Freedom

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty) The day before I spoke to Jamar Rogers, one of the most inspirational figures ever to appear on reality television, he posted a photograph of an elaborate tattoo to his Instagram account. Over a pair of scar-ridden wrists, a young woman had inked a beautiful depiction of a bird free of its cage beneath the branches of a deep-rooted tree. "This is what freedom looks like," Jamar had written. "Wounds from battle are so beautiful."Rogers is in a rare and wonderful position to hear...Read Full Story