After an Eternity of Hiding, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Confirm Their Secret Love

JamKat finally crawled out of their love cave and were spotted holding hands in Malibu!

After an Eternity of Hiding, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Confirm Their Secret Love
Getty / Art by Rafael Hidalgo for Zimbio

Is there anything more romantic than frolicking on the beach with bae?

Probably not when it comes to Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx who have always been super stealth about keeping their romance on the down low. Seriously, it took them four years to finally let loose and hold hands publicly in Malibu. The famous stars have reportedly been together since 2013 — approximately a year after Holmes split from ex-husband, Tom Cruise.


This is the first time Holmes and Foxx have been spotted as a legitimate couple. The lovebirds repeatedly denied being an item over the years, but they clearly don’t want to hide their romance anymore.

TMZ originally published pictures of the attractive pair, while E! News spoke to an eyewitness who revealed that "Katie and Jamie were holding hands" and "drinking together” on their romantic date. "They went in the water and were splashing around, flirting and getting close," the source added.

While it’s clear that Foxx would never manically jump on Oprah’s couch to express his love, he could certainly serenade Holmes with a sexy rap or two. Fingers crossed that he’ll actually drop a track for his leading lady!

What are your thoughts on JamKat? Are you happy they finally confirmed their romance? Hit the comments to dish and discuss all your unfiltered feelings.

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