Does Jamie Lynn Spears Have a Shot at Becoming the Next Country Superstar?

(Instagram)In the six years since she announced her very teenage pregnancy on the cover of OK! magazine, Jamie Lynn Spears has, for the most part, avoided the spotlight. The former Nickelodeon star, who became engaged to businessman Jamie Watson earlier this year, has been quietly working on an a career in country music. This month, she finally unveiled the fruits of her labor in the form of her debut single, "How Could I Want More."

And honestly, it's pretty good.

The younger Spears hasn't been blessed with the kind of inimitable voice that her sister Britney has, but that isn't necessary a bad thing. Jamie Lynn has a much softer approach to her vocals, which are well-suited to the warm country pop she's apparently been producing. "How Could I Want More" is easy, enjoyable listening that calls to mind Deana Carter and early Taylor Swift.

So does Jamie Lynn have a shot at becoming the next country superstar?

The future looks bright. At 22, Spears already has more performance experience under her belt than most human beings thanks to her work on All That and Zoey 101, and has actually gone about launching her country career the right way.

Jamie Lynn has been doing an impressive amount of leg work, writing her own songs (including one inspired by her older sister) and building up confidence on the club scene. Someone with her connections probably could have hired an industry pro to manufacture her reinvention as a country pop queen, Jamie Lynn's approach to the industry has been entirely genuine.

And you can hear it in the music. 
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