Pop Battle: Lucy Hale's 'You Sound Good to Me' vs. Jamie Lynn Spears' 'How Could I Want More'

(Getty Images | Twitter)The country music charts were something of a boys club in the past year, but there are at least two bright young artists who are looking to shake things up in 2014.

Lucy Hale and Jamie Lynn Spears both kicked off their careers in entertainment in the family programming business, and they're both in their early twenties. In the real world, this wouldn't necessarily make them competitors. But this being the Internet, you must pick a favorite.

This week Hale released the music video for "You Sound Good to Me," which depicts of a carefree weekend somewhere outside the city limits. There's plenty of plaid, grassy fields, and a fancy vintage car, so it'll have no trouble fitting in on CMT. It very much fits the flavor of the song, a twangy party tune that celebrates the good times with a lot of down home attitude (and maybe just a wee bit of oversinging).

Back in November, Jamie Lynn Spears celebrated Thanksgiving with the release of her "How Could I Want More" video, which is your typical "looking soulful in a studio" clip. Unlike Hale, who is signed to Hollywood Records, Spears is operating on an indie budget, but that works in her favor: The simplicity of the video matches the intimacy of the sweet, low key song. 

So which of these songs is more likely to get stuck in your head in the near future? It very likely depends on whether you feel like partying around a campfire or slow dancing with your significant other. Either way, you have to make a choice. This is the Internet.

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  • Lucy Hale's 'You Sound Good to Me'
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