Why Prince George's New Nanny is the Luckiest Lady in the UK

Why Prince George's New Nanny is the Luckiest Lady in the UK
Getty ImagesToday in juicy celeb happenings: There's a new gal in little Prince George's life, pics from Jamie Lynn Spears' wedding, the Girls Gone Wild guy wants to be a dad, and more...

A Royal Nanny
What's almost as good as being a royal? Being a royal nanny. At least that's what we imagine. Today the Palace announced that a woman named Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo is the new caretaker for little Prince George.

So why is that so great? Well, for starters, she gets to accompany Will, Kate, and the baby to New Zealand and Australia her first month on the job. Even if she'll be working, a trip to Australia is still a trip to Australia. And she's getting paid to hang out with a super cute baby, so it can't be THAT bad.

Plus, she's now a part of the royal household without all of the drama and criticism of actually being a part of the family. If it gets rough, she can leave at anytime. It doesn't quite work that way for the rest of the folks at the Palace.

The Duke and Duchess haven't revealed any additional information about their new babysitter, but we do know she's Spanish-born and was educated at Norland College. She's supposedly worked for many other high-profile families before. (No, she was not Kendall and Kylie Jenner's old nanny.)

Jamie Lynn and Jamie's Big Day
The youngest Spears sister said "I do" last week and now the rest of the world is getting a glimpse of her big day. Jamie Lynn Spears tied the knot in New Orleans and she dazzled in a custom Liancarlo gown. Notice how her mom also wore a long white dress.

So that's the dress, and now let's get to the next good part: the cake. The wedding cake was a five-tiered confection from The Cocoa Bean in Louisiana. Spears wasn't even in town for the dessert consultation, so she left the dirty work to her fiance Jamie Watson and an assistant. “She sent a picture and said, ‘This is the idea I want. Just run with it and do your thing," the bakery owner told People.

And now here's the best part: the groom cake. It was designed after Watson's duck-hunting boat.

Why Prince George's New Nanny is the Luckiest Lady in the UK
The Cocoa Bean
Proud Papa
Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are perhaps the funniest couple in Hollywood and we can only imagine how hilarious their young son Jack will be. But he's old enough to make wisecracks like his parents just yet, so his dad has to do the gloating and joking for now. Pratt bragged about his kid to People this week. “I do have video of him saying ‘dada’ when I come on the screen,” he said of his show Parks and Recreation. “He knows a lot of words, colors, numbers. He’s very advanced for his age.”

"He also can type 90 words a minute, which is really good for an 18-month-old!” he added, for good measure.

From Girls Gone Wild to Parenthood
You weren't alone if you thought Joe Francis, creator of Girls Gone Wild, would never settle down. But the 40-year-old is on his way to doing just that. He and girlfriend Abbey Wilson are apparently ready to start a family. "We both have always wanted children," he said this week.

His 25-year-old girlfriend also chimed in: "We have watched our friends evolve into such incredible and compassionate people as a result of having such wonderful children. Experiencing the unconditional love that our friends have for their children has definitely strengthened our desire to have our own family."

Watch out, world!

January Jones Has Interesting Taste
The Mad Men star got very personal in a new interview with Violet Grey magazine and revealed which celeb, dead or alive, she'd "most want to go to bed" with. Her answers: "Paul Newman or Rihanna." And there you have it.

The Cuteness Continues
Jessica Simpson is constantly posting Instagram pictures of her adorable kids Maxwell and Ace and each one is more adorable than the last. Here's the newest snapshot of Maxi. Awww.

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