WATCH: Kanye West, Selena Gomez and Others Explain Their Relationship With Los Angeles in 30 Seconds to Mars' 'City of Angels' Video

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The new music video for Thirty Seconds to Mars' ode to Los Angeles, "City of Angels," features candid moments with a number of major celebrities, as well as a handful of celebrity imitators (many of whom are featured in the brilliant documentary The Reinactors). A few of the more interesting confessions, below.Lindsay Lohan: "I've disappointed myself the most in my life. To not be like, 'Wake the f**k up, look at what you have this is what you wanted.'"Selena Gomez: "Well, I'm a Disney kid...Read Full Story

WATCH: Jared Leto Puts Some Heart Into Covering Rihanna's 'Stay'

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Jared Leto did not get naked in a bathtub to cover Rihanna's emotional ballad "Stay," but he did wear his shades and a whole lot of leather. The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman got really, really into the cover performance for BBC Radio's Live Lounge and it's one part ridiculous and two parts awesome.However, it might not be as fantasticly cheesy as Vin Diesel's Valentine's Day rendition of the hit. Watch both stars add their own flavor to Rihanna's song below:Read Full Story

'My So-Called Life' Reunion: 'It Lives on Because of Its Honesty'

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(Photo Credit: Waytao Shing) My So-Called Life holds a very special place in the 'gone but definitely not forgotten' TV hall of fame. The ABC drama, which starred a young Claire Danes as a teenager struggling to define her identity, only ran for one season, but it still remains as relevant and affecting as it was back in 1994.Much of the cast of the beloved cult hit gathered in Austin, Texas over the weekend for a panel and Q&A honoring the series at the Austin Television Festival. Wilson...Read Full Story

Which Sexy Star Is Dressed in Drag on the Set of His New Movie?

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Dude looks like a lady.Jared Leto stepped out on the New Orleans set of The Dallas Buyers Club on Friday dressed in a drag costume that featured a midriff-baring gold top, a fur coat, tights, and heels. The actor also sported eyeliner, lipstick, and an 80s-style brunette wig. Leto is playing Rayon, a cross-dresser battling AIDS and who helps Matthew McConaughey's character smuggle prescription drugs from Mexico. McConaughey has made headlines for his shocking weight loss for the film, nearly...Read Full Story

Jared Leto Shares His Best Kurt Cobain Impersonation

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(Getty) Jared Leto (Getty) April 5 marked the 17th anniversary of the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. A statue of Cobain's Fender Jag-Stang guitar was unveiled in the legendary songwriter's hometown of Aberdeen, Washington to commemorate the occasion. A number of celebrities paid their respects to the fallen musician via Twitter, but actor/musician Jared Leto took his tribute a step further."I heard today was the day Kurt passed away 17 years ago," Leto wrote on his blog. "Can't...Read Full Story

Jared Leto Dresses Like a Woman, Walks Around NYC

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Jared Leto decided to don a drag outfit and take a stroll through New York City, but he was amazed when no one seemed to care.He said: “I put on fishnets and a black wig, old-school French. I picked it myself. And I had a Russian accent. I was walking down Madison Avenue in New York thinking, ‘Wow, I bet people are going to think, “Who is that chick?”’ No one thought that though.”Jared, 38, insists he wouldn’t repeat his transvestite experiment because he looks too masculine to pass as a...Read Full Story

Jared Leto Dishes On 30 Seconds to Mars Fans

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Getty ImagesActor-turned-rocker Jared Leto is quite the character. In a radio interview he claimed his band 30 Seconds to Mars has a hush-hush "initiation process" for their fan club. Then, he joked that he'd marry a fan who called in, but first warned her he's "quite demanding." There is big prankster behind the perfectly coiffed hair and big puppy dog eyes. Jared Leto rocks out. (Getty) When asked about the group’s fan club by Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton, Jared said: “That’s something we...Read Full Story

Jared Leto Talks Growing Up in Haiti

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Bauer GriffinHaiti is a place close to Jared Leto's heart. The actor and musician moved to the Caribbean nation with his mom Constance and brother Shannon when he was 12 years old, and he's described his time there as “life-changing.” He explained: "It was a magical time. Could you imagine being a kid in such an exotic place? It was eye opening. It was a life-changing experience.” Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake last week and a second one today, which have caused mass destruction and...Read Full Story

Jared Leto Allegedly Fires Management Team A Month Before Album Debuts

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Bauer GriffinJared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars is releasing their new album This Is War, so what did the singer do a month before the big drop day? He apparently fired his management team. It seems like a risky move, and sources told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Jared is too controlling. This latest move just feels like self-sabotage. It's very strange timing as his management team was very good. His tour manager has now left too. No one can quite believe what's happening." Record...Read Full Story

Lindsay Lohan Flirts With Former Flame Jared Leto

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Jared Leto by Getty Images; Lindsay Lohan by Photo Agency DON'T MISS Lindsay Says She Didn't Know She and Sam Were Breaking Up Is Lindsay Lohan About to Headline A Risque Las Vegas Show? Lindsay Lohan Copes With Breakup, Gets New Tattoo Fun fact: Before Samantha Ronson, and before Fornarina, there was Jared Leto. Tabloid darling Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a brief fling with the actor after they costarred together in 2005's Chapter 27, and apparently Jared successfully distracted Lindsay from...Read Full Story