Dear Jennifer Love Hewitt, You Don't Owe Anyone An Apology

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The actress recently told fans she was sorry for her appearance at an industry event, but we're sad she felt it necessary.Read Full Story

Jennifer Love Hewitt Injury: Picture and Update

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Whoever said starring in a TV show isn't hard work should talk to Jennifer Love Hewitt. The actress injured her arm while training to get in shape for the second season of her show, The Client List, in which she plays a masseuse who gives her clients a little something extra for a price. (Insert your own inappropriate joke here.)Anyway, the actress tweeted about the injury a few days ago and the first picture of her in a cast surfaced today. "Guess who broke her wrist yesterday boxing to get...Read Full Story

Field Hockey: Which Star is Best at Playing the Field?

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(Photos: Getty Images | Pacific Coast News; art by Zimbio)Some stars have settled down and mastered the art of Hollywood relationships. And then there are celebs like Jennifer Love Hewitt.The Client List actress has been through more famous boyfriends than anyone could care to count and she even turned her serial dating history into a book! Whether she's actually out to find her Prince Charming or really just enjoys volume dating is anyone's guess.She's not alone, though. John Mayer has...Read Full Story

Jennifer Love Hewitt: No Boyfriend But a Trendy Manicure (Pictures)

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Jennifer Love Hewitt likes to have something to show off. If it can't be some man candy, why not be her trendy mismatched manicure? The actress seemed to very intentionally distract the attention about her recent split from small-time director Alex Beh as she left dinner at Beso.She hasn't said much about the recent split, but give her some time. It was just last week, and it will be no time before she starts gushing about her favorite topic again: why, love of course!More Jennifer Love...Read Full Story

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alex Beh: #99 on 100 Hottest Couples List

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Don't be embarrassed if you don't recognize Jennifer Love Hewitt's current beau, Alex Beh. At this point, he's best known for being Hewitt's boyfriend. While Hewitt says she's smitten with the little-known actor, we think we've heard that before...Interested in seeing how Jennifer and Alex compare to their colleagues on the 2011 list? We've got it all worked out in our comprehensive special, which strategically measures popularity, success, attractiveness and staying power to determine who's...Read Full Story

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has 3 Engagement Rings Picked Out... Just In Case

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Jennifer Love Hewitt has never been married, but should current boyfriend Alex Beh, or any other suitor get to a point where he's ready to propose, she's made it a little easier for them to find the right ring. The Ghost Whisperer star has picked out a set of three engagment rings at Tiffany's, and she says if the ring is one of them, she's going to be very pleased.She explained to Ellen DeGeneres: “I actually have three engagement rings because I feel like I'm doing the guy a favor."I feel...Read Full Story

Jennifer Love Hewitt: I'm Open to Adopting

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Jennifer Love Hewitt has been single since splitting from her boyfriend Jamie Kennedy in March, but she says she'd still consider becoming a mom without a man in her life. When asked if she would adopt alone, she said: "I'm absolutely open to it!"Though the 31-year-old actress insists she's enjoying being single, she admits she prefers to have a boyfriend. She told In Touch Weekly magazine: "I feel like as a person, I am better as a couple. But I am learning a lot about myself.”Jennifer’s...Read Full Story

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Role As a Prostitute Is Her 'Raciest Part' Yet

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Photo AgencyJennifer Love Hewitt's preparation for her new Lifetime movie included taking pole dancing classes and perfecting her Texas twang. She stars in The Client List, a flick about a former beauty queen who's down on her luck and ends up working as a prostitute to support her family. She says the role is her "raciest part" yet, but it made her mama proud! "My mom's like, 'I'm so proud. You're pole dancing and you're going to play a prostitute. Awesome!'" she said (via Us magazine...Read Full Story

Jennifer Love Hewitt Says She's 'Happy' with Single Status

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Jennifer Love Hewitt split from her beau of one year Jamie Kennedy in March, but she's happy living the single life for now. Still, it's a bit of a novelty for this actress, who's something of a serial dater. She said: “My love life is just me, and I'm very happy about it. I’ve not done the single thing very much, as you know, and I'm happy to do it.”Jennifer now enjoys lavishing her time and attention on herself, and is maintaining her fondness for "vajazzling." She told E! Online: “I...Read Full Story

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Mom Is 'Proud' of Her Racy New Role

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is taking on an edgier role than what she's used to, but she's finding the experience "empowering." The actress plays a homecoming queen-turned-prostitute in the upcoming movie The Client List -- and even her mom approves.She revealed: “My mom's like, 'I'm so proud. You're pole dancing and you're going to play a prostitute. Awesome!”Jennifer -- who received harsh criticism for her weight in 2009 after pictures of her in a bikini surfaced -- added that taking pole dancing...Read Full Story