5 Very Good Reasons To Believe Jessica Biel is Actually Pregnant

5 Very Good Reasons To Believe Jessica Biel is Actually Pregnant
Getty ImagesIf the rumor that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are having a baby is actually true this time, this just became the best Hump Day ever.

The "news" of Biel's pregnancy has popped up on the Interwebs here and there plenty of times over the past few years, but this time it seems like it could actually be true. Radar Online's "sources" say the actress is set to welcome their first baby in April and even posted a picture of her apparent bump. Hmm.

Of course, there's been no confirmation from the couple, but the so-called insider says there's a perfectly logical explanation for this: “Jessica has had tense times in the past when it comes to having a baby, so it is not surprising that she is staying mum on confirming the news publicly yet,” the source said.

Biel and Timberlake have taken a break from the spotlight together (which also fueled divorce rumors, of course), but we suppose it could be entirely about hiding her pregnancy. The couple was last spotted out on a hike together and Biel was wearing a noticeably baggy shirt.

Baby bump or not, it does seem like the perfect time for them to start a family:

  • They just celebrated their 2-year wedding anniversary
  • She hasn't worked much lately
  • His 20/20 Experience World Tour just wrapped up
  • They're both really, really good looking and will make an adorable baby
  • Everyone else is doing it (we're looking at you, Ashton and Mila)

Stay tuned!

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