Jessica Biel wants to be least wants to be ugly in one film

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Hottie Jessica Biel told MTV in an interview that she's like to extend her acting career to include uglier parts. She's tired of playing the hot girl. She says that she'd like to be ugly, for at least one film role."I always want to try something completely different from what I just did. I would definitely love to take on something that is physically totally different from what I look like and what I'm used to doing, do something like a Monster. It's a dream.""I have to push myself and try...Read Full Story

Jessica Biel and 'Powder Blue'

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Variety reports that Jessica Biel and Forest Whitaker have joined the cast of Powder Blue.Word is that "Powder Blue" is about 4 people, all very different and unrelated, who end up together on a Christmas Eve. The 4 characters are a mortician, a suicidal ex-priest, an ex-con, and a stripper. Will Jessica Biel play the stripper????Read Full Story