Chelsea Handler Officially Made It Okay to Laugh at Reese Witherspoon's Drunken Arrest

(Getty)Reese Witherspoon will probably be the first to tell you her arrest back in April — after having one too many cocktails and dropping the, "Do you know who I am?" card — was one of the low points in her life. Now that she's fallen out of the TMZ news cycle though, she's is ready to laugh it off as a life lesson, thanks in large part to her good friend Chelsea Handler's doing.

Handler, who was tasked with presenting Witherspoon with an Elle Women in Hollywood award last night, was not shy about ribbing her bestie about the night she ended up in the slammer for a few hours. "Personally, as a true friend, my favorite project of hers was an overlooked short film that she made earlier this year," Handler said. "She plays a very inebriated housewife defending her inebriated husband. And if you haven't seen it, you can go on YouTube."

Instead of being mortified Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth were in hysterics, and the laughs kept coming when Handler transitioned to talking about Witherspoon's nether regions in relation to her hit film Legally Blonde. "I've seen her naked and I can tell you, she was miscast," Handler joked. "A more appropriate title would have been Legally Bald."

All Witherspoon could say when she got up to accept her award was, "I don't know if I should thank you for that. Jesus!" But the Oscar-winner knows funny when she hears it: "Any party," she said afterward, "gets much better when Chelsea Handler shows up."
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