George Clooney Uses Hip Hop to Save a Life During 'ER' Reunion

Watch the Oscar-winning actor show off his serious rap skills.

George Clooney Uses Hip Hop to Save a Life During 'ER' Reunion

George Clooney always throws it down like it's nobody's business.

On Tuesday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Clooney stopped by to promote his new movie Hail, Ceaser! Taking full advantage of the Oscar-winning actor's playfulness, Jimmy Kimmel decided to host an epic ER reunion because it was the right thing to do. There was only one major problem: No one else from County General Hospital was available. When Clooney asked where Julianna Margulies was, Kimmel stated that she was busy shooting the Good Wife and that Noah Wyle was spending time with his family because it was “Taco Tuesday.”

Not to worry! Kimmel called in an even better reinforcement: House's Hugh Laurie showed up for a mini Tomorrowland reunion with Clooney. Both Dr. Ross and Dr. House did their best to heal “little Jimmy.” Yeah, that's definitely a euphemism!

During the most hilarious part of the sketch, Clooney burst into an impromptu rap session and threw down some lines from “Rapper's Delight.” While Laurie stood on the sidelines and danced like no one was watching, Clooney used hip hop to save a life.

Watch the full sketch below and tell us if you liked it in the comments.

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