Joan Lunden -- Veteran celeb journo honored

Joan Lunden was honored by the Domestic Violence Crisis Center.
Veteran television personality Joan Lunden was honored by the Domestic Violence Crisis Center. 

The former host of Good Morning America said "an army of compassion" was needed to help those less fortunate.

From an article in the Stamford Times:
or nearly 20 years, Joan Lunden, the former host of "Good Morning America," helped American families start each day with useful information to better their lives.

As a mother of seven, Lunden put special emphasis on initiatives aimed at families with children, and on Thursday afternoon, the former early morning television personality was honored for her work in this area.

In her address, the award-winning journalist Lunden spoke of her experiences to a crowd of nearly 600 packed inside the grand ballroom of the Stamford Marriott Hotel for the Domestic Violence Crisis Center's seventh annual People of Courage luncheon.

"The issue of domestic violence has been in the closet for too many years," said Lunden.

Gesturing toward the DVCC staff, who service seven communities in lower Fairfield County, Lunden said the subject has finally made its way into the conscious of the American public.

"This is the kind of army we need," she said. "An army of believers, and an army of compassion."

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