Zimbio Review - 'The Master,' A Laborious, Ultimately Fulfilling Experience

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(The Weinstein Co. | Getty Images) The Bottom Line Should you see it? Yes. Why? The performances alone warrant your attention, but the subtle grace with which Anderson tackles the subject of religion and the kinds of people it attracts is at once compelling and admirable. Shoulders haunched, his face twisted as if in perpetual pain, Freddie Quell has just been diagnosed with a mental disorder and set loose in the aftermath of WWII. In Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, the past is the...Read Full Story

Zimbio's 2012 Fall Movie Preview Spectacular

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(Lionsgate, Touchstone, 20th Century Fox)September 14 (release date)The MasterDirected by Paul Thomas AndersonStarring: Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Amy AdamsThe Plot: A marginalized intellectual with a cult-like following takes a drunk, volatile discharged soldier under his wing after World War II. What to expect: Anderson has yet to make a film not worth seeing. The Master is deliberate, artfully-rendered, and features two prospective Best Actor Oscar performances from Hoffman...Read Full Story

Screening Room: Reynolds, Johansson Tackle New Roles... Still Divorced

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(Pacific Coast News, Bauer Griffin)Trailer of the WeekSkyfallYou've got to hand it to the brains behind the James Bond franchise. They know how to name a movie. The newest addition, Skyfall, debuted a teaser trailer this past week. Due to be released November 9, the film should rake it in at the box office this Fall. Daniel Craig returns for his third turn as 007 and will look to up the stakes yet again. Always on the cutting edge of action movie-making, the new Bond films typically feature...Read Full Story

Joaquin Phoenix at Bardot Lounge

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Joaquin Phoenix showed up at the Bardot Lounge on Wednesday to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The actor was clean shaven Wednesday night, a welcome change since he started to reappear in public following a nearly year-long reclusive period. It was recently revealed that Joaquin's bearded rap antics last year were part of a mockumentary currently being shopped to distributors. It's directed by Joaquin's brother-in-law, Casey Affleck.Read more about that here, or check out more pictures of...Read Full Story

Joaquin's Crazy Bearded Rapper Days to be Chronicled in New Mockumentary

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Joaquin photographed on November 1, 2008, (Photo Agency) and again April 12, 2010. (Getty Images)Remember when Joaquin Phoenix grew a massive beard, donned sunglasses and claimed to be serious about becoming the next big thing in hip-hop? Well here's a big non-surprise: it was all a hoax and now the Casey Affleck-directed mockumentary is being shopped to potential distributors. According to, the finished film made its debut during a private lunchtime screening on Thursday...Read Full Story

Director Calls Joaquin a 'Crazy Person With a Beard'

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(Photo by Photoagency)What happens when the leading man in the most critically acclaimed movie of your career goes off the deep end? If you've seen Joaquin Phoenix's appearance on Letterman, you know exactly what happens, and Two Lovers director James Gray is not happy about it. ALSO ON ZIMBIO Poll: Do you think Phoenix is for real? Vote here Joaquin Phoenix rap show ends with confrontation 7 Questions with Joaquin Phoenix News of Gray's latest film has been buried in headlines about...Read Full Story

Gwyneth: Joaquin Should Live in the Projects

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Getty Images. Gwyneth Paltrow might get a lot of flack for her lifestyle website, GOOP, but at least she can tell it like it is.The actress, who co-stars with actor-turned-rapper Joaquin Phoenix in Two Lovers, expressed befuddlement over Phoenix's decision to quit Hollywood in favor of a rap career (a move which many believe is an elaborate hoax - and with good reason). She told MTV UK she doubts Phoenix is serious about his "retirement" from acting: I think that there might be some...Read Full Story

Joaquin Phoenix is Still Acting Nutso

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(Getty Images) ALSO ON ZIMBIO 5 Interesting Facts About Joaquin Pheonix Joaquin Phoenix Sources Say Rap Career Is A Hoax 7 Questions with Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix's own personal Christopher Guess movie continued shooting last night, as the newly hirsute actor wrestled a heckler to the ground at a performance at the LIV night club in the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel. The AP has the full details: He jumped off the stage during a short performance at the LIV nightclub early...Read Full Story

5 Interesting Facts About Joaquin Phoenix

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1. He used to go by the name "Leaf Phoenix" but was born, "Joaquin Rafael Bottom". He's credited as Leaf in one of his early career roles in Ron Howard's Parenthood in 1989. He doesn't have a rap name yet, but there's much speculation what it would be. Here's what came up with:10. Gorillionaire9. LL Fool J.8. Yo Hobo and a Bottle of Rum DMC7. Ludicrous6. Rip Van Cracker5. Public Enema4. The Unabummer3. Notorious B.I.G.foot (or Notorious Bye! Good)2. Gruff Daddy1. Gorilla Ice2...Read Full Story

Joaquin Phoenix Sticks Gum Under Letterman's Desk

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Getty Images.Supposed aspiring rapper Joaquin Phoenix appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday, presumably to discuss his "last film" (he'll be back on a set once he runs out of money or the joke gets stale), Two Lovers. Instead, he sat taciturn in his mass of hair and sunglasses while Dave struggled to engage him. He even stuck his gum under Dave's desk.At this point it seems that this is either an elaborate hoax, as previously indicated by E! Online and other outlets, or...Read Full Story