5 Things to Know About Daniel Radcliffe's New Movie, 'Horns'

Horns movie
(From Radius-TWC)Daniel Radcliffe's next movie, Horns got a great new promo image Monday morning, teasing a movie many still know little about. So whether you're a Radcliffe devotee or you've heard the movie will be doing a panel at this year's Comic-Con, here's what you need to know.

1. It's Based on a Novel By Stephen King's Son

Joseph Hillstrom KIng goes by Joe Hill because when you're the son of a writer as ubiquitous as Stephen King it sort of invites unfair comparisons. Regardless, Hill is building his own reputation as a horror novelist thanks to books like Horns (2010) and last year's NOS4A2.

2. Daniel Radcliffe Is Kind of a Bad Guy

Just how much of a bad guy we'll see in the final film, but the book opens with him waking up to discover his girlfriend, played by Juno Temple, has been raped and murdered and he's the number one suspect. But even if he's innocent, Ignatius "Ig" Perrish is an anti-hero at best.

3. He Has Literal Horns

When Ig wakes up on that first day after his girlfriend's murder, horns start growing from his forehead and he has no idea what's going on. He soon discovers the horns have some seemingly demonic powers. Everyone he meets feels compelled to reveal their deep dark secrets, and if he touches someone that person's identity and deeds are laid bare to him. The horns can also compel to give in to their baser instincts, but they won't make them do things they don't want to. Strangely, people forget the horns and seem not to notice them.

Horns movie
(Radius-TWC)4. And He Has an American Accent

As you can hear in this clip, it's pretty convincing.

5. Daniel Radcliffe's FIRST Comic-Con Appearance Ever!

Through 10 years of the Harry Potter franchise, Warner Bros. never took Daniel Radcliffe to San Diego Comic-Con to promote the movies. As you can imagine, Comic-Con attracts a wide swath of Potter fans who will finally have a chance to see Radcliffe in person when he appears in Hall H for the Horns panel on Friday, July 25.

The First Promo Image

(The bold/highlighted words are: "Walk the deeper fire into Horns.") [EDIT: I was reading from left to right, but as a commenter pointed out, you're probably supposed to read all the way down the left side, then all the way down the right side like a newspaper column. So it's probably, "Walk deeper into the fire." But doesn't "Walk the deeper fire" sound cooler?]
Horns movie
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