Joel McHale Burns Brangelina, Calls Trump an 'Egotistical Billionaire' in People's Choice Awards 2017 Opening Monologue

In the words of event host McHale, '2016 was a very interesting year.'


Included in the year 2016's many tragic casualties was the marriage of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, a fact Joel McHale ran with during Wednesday's People's Choice Awards 2017. There was also a Donald Trump burn. Shocking, no?

McHale, the event's host, began his opening monologue by stepping out onto the stage with eight tiny babies in a double-stroller.

"I actually got these as part of the Brad and Angelina divorce settlement," he told the audience. "If you don't win an award [tonight], you will be given one of these adorable babies."

Sounds like a win-win to us.


McHale, whose new CBS comedy The Great Indoors premiered in October, went on to address the year as a whole.

"2016 was a very interesting year," he said. "We all watched as a longtime government insider squared off against an egotistical billionaire. I'm speaking, of course, about Captain America: Civil War."

Suuure, McHale. Sure.


Being that People's Choice is one of the only major awards shows dictated by the whims of the fans, the 45-year-old also asked this sage question:

"When have the people ever been wrong?"

Another distinctly non-political statement, we're sure.

The night also featured a pre-taped cold open by McHale and Great Indoors co-stars.


The 2017 People's Choice Awards received a massive 265 million votes. 

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