If 'American Horror Story: Cult' Is Dedicated to Twisty the Clown, I Will Lose It

Is Season 7's mysterious cult all about worshipping 'Freak Show's best bad guy?

Some Fans Believe 'American Horror Story: Cult' Is Dedicated to Twisty the Clown

When it comes to American Horror Story, there's always funny business afoot. This time around, though, fans have an intriguing theory as to what Season 7 is all about. After the first trailer for AHS: Cult hit the web on Friday, it was clear clowns would be part of the upcoming season. Cults, by definition, need something (or someone) to worship.

Could this cult be dedicated to Twisty the Clown?

It may seem a little too obvious, but the evidence is compelling. In the trailer, a large group of identically decorated clowns march and sway in unison, brandishing weapons. The imagery and voice-over feel something like a clown recruitment video, with not-so-subtle hints of brainwash-ery.

Some Fans Believe 'American Horror Story: Cult' Is Dedicated to Twisty the Clown

"Do you ever feel alone? Does it seem like no one really understands you?" a low, raspy voice inquires. "We can set you free... We want you," it urges.

As we know, Twisty's backstory was tragic. Once an innocent man who enjoyed brightening the lives of children, he was driven to self-harm after being accused of pedophilia and shunned from his community. After his attempt to shoot himself in the face went awry, he was left with a gaping hole where his mouth used to sit. He went on to go off the hinges, kidnapping kids to entertain in his trailer and killing any and all who got in his way.

He felt alone. He felt like no one really understood him. He wanted to be free, and he wanted to be wanted.

Hexagons, flags, and red and black are also seen sprinkled throughout the trailer, suggesting supernatural themes. Twisty, being dead and all, would need some earthly helpers if he were to return from the dead.


This wouldn't be the first time two seasons were connected. As AHS creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed, every season of the anthology series takes place in the same universe. Characters like Murder House's Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson) and Coven's Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe), among others, have made surprise appearances in other chapters. As the seasons go on, it seems these appearances become more and more frequent.

To be sure, an entire season dedicated to one character would be the biggest season blend yet, but it does seem an uncanny coincidence that this season is all about clowns... especially after Murphy confirmed Twisty himself (John Carroll Lynchwould make an appearance in Season 7.

AHS: Cult is rumored to release in September, a month before previous seasons.

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