Taylor Swift May Finally Have Found a Worthy Boyfriend in Calvin Harris

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Katy Perry Dating: Info on Her Rumored Boyfriend, Diplo

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They're been linked over the last few months. Read Full Story

Here's What Katy Perry Has to Say About Ex-Boyfriend John Mayer

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Getty ImagesToday in juicy celebrity news: Katy Perry opens up about her most recent ex, Jason Aldean brings a controversial guest to the CMT Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez's relationship might be on the rocks, and more...No Hard FeelingsKaty Perry hasn't talked much about her breakup with John Mayer, especially after they made that steamy music video together, but she just opened up to Cosmopolitan about where they stand now. When asked if they'd ever think about dating again, she replied: “I...Read Full Story

John Mayer Covers Beyoncé's 'XO' and It's Amazing

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Getty ImagesIt's not every day that an artist can cover Beyoncé and do it as well (or better) as Queen B. Then again, John Mayer hasn't given it a shot until now. And we're pleasantly surprised to say the crooner nailed it with his stripped-down version of "XO." Mayer first performed Bey's song while touring in Australia, and it was so good that he took it to the studio and now it's being released to the masses on iTunes Tuesday. It's a shame that he's not with Katy Perry anymore, they could...Read Full Story

The Most Ridiculous Items on Taylor Swift's Alleged 'List of Demands' for Her Next Boyfriend

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Getty ImagesFact: Taylor Swift writes songs about her exes. Fiction: She has a "list of demands" for all of her boyfriends going forward. The latest wacky rumor is being reported by Hollywood Life, which claims she's taking a "new approach" to her love life" and has since made a "long list" of criteria for the next guy she dates. It's an "intense" exercise on the road to finding the "perfect guy," according to the site's "source."While it's all fine and good to have standards when dating...Read Full Story

Who Had the Better Beyoncé Cover: John Mayer or Ed Sheeran?

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(Getty Images)John Mayer is currently on tour in Australia, where he's splitting his time between concert festivals and arena shows. This week, he treated a crowd in Adelaide to a very special treat: An acoustic cover of Beyoncé's love anthem "XO."Mayer stripped the song down to a few chords, punching it up with a bluesy harmonica solo. He also tweeted his appreciation for Mrs. Carter a few days ago, writing, "The best thing about Beyoncé? The break in her voice on the first "baby, love me...Read Full Story

Big Question of the Day: Who's the Greatest Guitarist to Air Guitar To?

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John Mayer, Jack White, and the Edge. (Getty Images)Who would you rather air guitar to? John Mayer or Eddie Van Halen? Jack White or Cheap Trick's Rick Nielson? Since March is the month of Madness, the US Air Guitar organization has put together a bracket to determine who is the all-time greatest "There" guitarist. The bracket was brought to our attention by the reigning Air Guitar World Champion, Eric Melin, who calls it "the most important question of our time." If you'd like to cast your...Read Full Story

Proof: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. Are Still Adorable After All These Years

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TwitterToday in the world of celebrity news: Sarah Michelle Gellar posts the cutest selfie we've seen in a while, John Mayer makes weird comments about The Bachelor, Seth Rogen slams Bieber, and more...Still in LoveIt can't be easy to fall in love at the peak of your stardom and live happily ever after, but Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. have done it. These two lovebirds have been married for 12 years after meeting on the set of I Know What You Did Last Summer all the way back...Read Full Story

Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry Are in a Fight Over Tongues

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InstagramKaty Perry kissed a girl and she liked it, but then she kissed Miley Cyrus and she did not. At least that's what she's saying after a smooch snafu at Miley's L.A. concert a couple weeks ago. And now the gals are fighting over tongues.After swapping spit, Perry went on an Australian talk show where she blabbed about the kiss. "I just walked up to her to give her like a friendly girly kiss, you know, as girls do and then she like tried to move her head and go deeper and I pulled away...Read Full Story

There's Been Some Interesting Rumors About Katy Perry and John Mayer's Breakup

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Getty ImagesJust two months ago, Katy Perry and John Mayer were so in love that they thought riding a mechanical bull through confetti for a music video was a good idea. Now, everyone's saying they're dunzo. What gives?Well, apparently things weren't quite as happy in real life as their sappy music video suggested. Though there's been no official confirmation from the couple, the Interwebs have been on fire with speculation about what caused the breakup. Here's the full list of reasons why...Read Full Story