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John McCain Coastal Carolina vs. South Carolina
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John McCain Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Lies In State In The Rotunda Of US Capitol
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John McCain Denver Broncos vs. Arizona Cardinals
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John McCain Apologizes for Using Jackson Browne Song in Campaign

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images) Maybe now politicians will be more careful about whose music they use at appearances and in commercials.When Jackson Browne heard his "Running on Empty" being used in a John McCain ad criticizing then-presidential candidate Barack Obama's energy policies he wasn't happy. An outspoken liberal who donated to Obama's campaign, Browne felt cheated that his song was being used in a political ad without his permission. Well now he's settled a lawsuit, and received an apology from...Read Full Story

John McCain: No Dancing, Cindy!

By Alicia Dennis on
Silly John McCain. According to Page Six, the senator has put an end to wife Cindy 's dreams of competing on Dancing With the Stars. He has also just shut down the most effective means of making him a likeable figure, even if he's not our next President.The gossip rag reports that Cindy began talks with DWTS producers "just before Thanksgiving." The source added that Cindy wanted to do the show "very badly," but Sen. McCain "put the kibosh on it." What's Sen. McCain worried about, his wife...Read Full Story

Is John McCain Computer Illiterate?

By Livingly Staff on
Well, John McCain described himself as computer "illiterate" during the 2008 campaign.  Mark Soohoo, a member of McCain's campaign team, once described McCain's digital savvy like this: "John McCain is aware of the Internet."  He dug the hole a little deeper..."You don't necessarily have to use a computer to understand how it shapes the country."The grand ol' party was asked if they prefer Macs or PCs.  Check out McCain's response.Other McCain Pics: Obama And McCain Meet For First Time Since...Read Full Story

McCain Camp Sells BlackBerry With Sensitive Information

By Jake on
HOW TO WIPE YOUR OWN BLACKBERRY'S MEMORY Don't let the same embarassing mistake happen to you. Here's how:1. In the Options menu, choose Security Options.2. Choose General Settings.3. Press the Menu button to bring up a list of possible actions.4. Choose Wipe Handheld to erase your personal data.5. Make sure that any Flash memory cards have been wiped as well.According to a Fox affilliate, John McCain's campaign isn't just selling desk, chairs, and office equipment while wrapping up his...Read Full Story

John McCain Dance Off

By Livingly Staff on
I do believe that Sarah Palin can out-dance Obama, Biden, and McCain...Read Full Story