Netflix Renews 'Queer Eye' For Season 3 Following Its Four Emmy Nominations

It's a good week for the Fab Five.

Netflix Renews 'Queer Eye' For Season 3 Following Four Emmy Nominations

It's a fab week for the Fab Five: Queer Eye has been renewed for its third season on Netflix, and it's no shock given its popularity. Not only have Seasons 1 and 2 debuted to critical acclaim, but the series recently received Emmy nominations for casting, picture editing, cinematography, and structured reality program. At its surface, Queer Eye is a show about five men who improve the lives of people across the US. Take a longer look, and it's clear the reboot is a much improved version of its early '00s predecessor. In 2003, it was all about transforming a subject's appearance. After an episode was over, there was no catching up with that subject to see if improvements stuck. But in 2018, when everyone and their chihuahua has a Twitter account, the show's subjects have amassed followers who really care about their progress. The reboot tackles everything from depression to romantic marriage proposals — not just what's most flattering on a pear-shaped body and what brands make the best slim jeans. While co-hosts Tan France, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, and Antoni Porowski coach subjects in style, culture, hygiene, design, and cooking, they delve deeper to address demons the original cast didn't. Most memorable is Season 1's Tom Jackson, whose goal was to spruce himself up for his ex-wife, Abby. Tom kept fans updated even after his episode ended, and in May 2018, the two remarried.

In Seasons 1 and 2, the Fab Five dispensed life-changing makeovers in the south. In Season 3, they'll head to Kansas City, Missouri.

When the hosts found out about the renewal, they celebrated the good news.

"Love you guys so much," wrote Van Ness.

Porowski spoke the praises of the show's cast and crew, stating he was "insanely grateful and proud."

Berk seemed particularly stoked to head out to the midwest.

"4 years ago today, working at my 1st hosting job," Brown shared. "I was fired 2 weeks later & thought, what am I doing giving up my career as a social worker/ psychotherapist. But worked hard & didn’t give up. 4 years later I’m on an Emmy nominated show that I love. Please friends Don’t give up!"

Queer Eye Season 3 hits Netflix in 2019.

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