7 Questions with Jorge Lorenzo

7 Questions with Jorge LorenzoYou could say that Jorge Lorenzo crashes a lot and no one would argue. They’d likely point out that he’s also a two time 250cc world champion and that at every point of his spills in the premiere class he was clocking as fast if not faster lap times than the leader. It’s true, there’s something magical about the 20 year-old Spaniard rookie. He seems to ride every race like it’s his last and it’s this style – matched with colorful post-race theatrics – that has won fans over in droves. That and the kid’s got heart. To wit: Earlier this season while qualifying in China, Lorenzo suffered a massive high-side crash that launched him off his bike (see picture below). When he finally landed and came to a stop, some 150 yards later, his machine was more or less destroyed. The next weekend in France, riding with 2 broken ankles, Lorenzo took second place. It took 2 of people to help him on and off his bike and he hobbled to the podium on crutches. 

I caught up with Lorenzo in Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco before making his debut at the US Red Bull MotoGP at Laguna Seca. He's my new best friend in the world.

What are your thoughts going into the first time racing at Laguna Seca?
Jorge Lorenzo: Well, I’m so proud to come here because it’s a track with a lot of history – with riders like Rainey and Swanson – the kind of riders who have won many races. And now it’s time for me now to know the track and go little by little.

Have you played any video games at least that feature Laguna Seca?
Jorge Lorenzo: Well, I’ve always been good at video games, they’ve always been one of my passions. I’m really fast [on the track] in video games.

You were at Laguna last year for the race, did you get to go on the track?
7 Questions with Jorge Lorenzo Jorge Lorenzo: On a bicycle. I came for transmission of the race. With my voice I talk about the riders during the race. It was a good experience but not really the same as riding, no?

How are your ankles?
Jorge Lorenzo: Well, my ankles are not 100%.  My left ankle in particular -- the articulation is not 100%. But to ride on the bike there’s no pain so that’s good. The only problem is when I run or when I go down stairs or up stairs.

 What’s it like going from racing in Germany last weekend in the cold rain to 150 degree track temperatures here in the States?

Jorge Lorenzo: Well, we don’t know the weather. Maybe it will rain.  But for sure normally here, it doesn’t rain. That’s good for us because last weekend it was raining in practice 1 and practice 2 and we couldn’t get a good setup for the bike like we wanted.
7 Questions with Jorge Lorenzo Can you describe what happened last weekend in Germany when you crashed?
Jorge Lorenzo: I was very enthusiastic about the wet conditions because the last time I was on the track in wet conditions I was really fast so I thought that I could do a good race. Then in the warm-up lap, I felt the rear tire sliding like [I was on] an ice track and I couldn’t save the crash.

Are you and your team excited to come back to the States and race in Indianapolis?
Jorge Lorenzo: I am so happy to come to the USA because it’s a very big country and the most important country in the world? Most people know that USA is the most important country and that’s it’s important to be known in the USA, for the motorcycle rider.  So it’s important to have 2 tracks in USA – Indianapolis and Laguna Seca – and I have hopes that [MotoGP license holder] Dorna, in the future, can get more interest in MotoGP.    

Some more pictures from the interview.
7 Questions with Jorge Lorenzo
7 Questions with Jorge Lorenzo

7 Questions with Jorge Lorenzo

7 Questions with Jorge Lorenzo
Above: Me and my new best friend.

[Crash photo at the top: MotoGP.com]
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