5 Lessons the 'Hunger Games' Stars Can Learn from 'Twilight' & 'Harry Potter' Fan Insanity

Emma Watson (Bauer Griffin), Josh Hutcherson (Getty), and Robert Pattinson (Getty)

'The Hunger Games' (Lionsgate). Josh Hutcherson is only 19, and his life is about to become much, much crazier thanks to his role as Peeta in this spring's hotly anticipated Hunger Games movie. He said in a recent Jimmy Kimmel interview that he's not sure whether he's fully prepared for the intense fame train he's about to board.

“As far as being ready for it, I don’t think there’s any way to prepare for that kind of attention. But I’m excited,” Josh told Kimmel.

No Josh, we're pretty sure you're not ready for the crazy fan jelly that comes with starring in a wildly popular YA film franchise. But The Hunger Games is set to hit theaters March 23 and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. So we thought we'd round up some advice for you based on the hard lessons learned by the young stars of Harry Potter and Twilight. Because you haven't dealt with true fan insanity until someone has asked you to bite their baby.

1. Be kind to your fans.

It's no secret that Kristen Stewart has no love for the paparazzi. But even when she's being hounded by photogs, the Twilight starlet always makes time for her real fans. No matter the circumstance, Stewart can usually be spotted posing for pictures and signing autographs for her Twilight devotees. That's because KStew knows that she owes much of her success to the people who sleep outside on the cold pavement for three days just to catch a glimpse of her — no matter how crazy they may be.

2. Have a good attitude.

A funny thing happens when people watch you playing their favorite character on the big screen: they think they know you. They think it's okay to break the boundaries of normal human interaction and do things that they would usually never do to a complete stranger. You can either get mad about it or you can smile and try to have fun. That's what Harry Potter star Rupert Grint did when a Japanese fan asked if she could touch his eyelashes. It's going to be a wild ride, so you might as well enjoy it with good humor.

3. Don't abuse your new power.

Ascending to the upper echelons of fame can be exhilarating, but don't let all the new attention go to your head. In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Robert Pattinson admitted he once used his intense Edward Cullen power for evil during a fan signing event. "You kind of get ten seconds with each person and you never really say anything… I kind of got bored," he explained. When one female fan asked Pattinson "how can I get your attention?" Pattinson jokingly asked her to take her clothes off. Rookie mistake, RPattz.

"She stood there and frantically started taking her clothes off and got dragged out of the room by security," Pattinson revealed. "I never felt more terrible... I sound like I'm actually just abusing my position." Don't forget that with great power comes great responsibility.

4. Never underestimate the potential for insanity.

Be kind to your fans, but also be wary of them. Because for every teenage girl who's just a bit worked up over you, there's a true crackpot lurking right behind her. Just ask Tom Felton, a.k.a. Draco Malfoy, who once got a letter from a middle aged fan asking if he could adopt him. Sounds maybe, kinda charming until you hear that the deranged fan had legally changed his name to Lucius Malfoy and had sent Felton a folder full of documents requesting that he change his own name to Draco Malfoy and come live with him at his "Malfoy Manor." Hire yourself a beefy security guard and don't be afraid to use him when necessary.

5. Someone, somewhere will tattoo your face on their body. Be ready.
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