Proof: Pacey and Dawson Have Only Gotten Better Looking with Age

It was a big weekend for Hollywood's finest: Johnny Depp was a mess at an awards show, Jay Z and Beyonce looked crazy in love at Solange's wedding, and, most importantly, Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and Dawson (James Van Der Beek) had a surprise run-in Saturday night.

That's right, 11 years after Pacey got the girl, the former WB co-stars bumped into each other and even documented the reunion, much to the Internet's delight. And you'll be happy to know that these guys have aged very well over the last decade. Just look at the side-by-side from their Dawson's Creek days and Saturday night:
Proof: Pacey and Dawson Have Only Gotten Better Looking with AgeThe WB/FacebookWhile it was the '90s, Van Der Beek, now 37, looks a million times better without:
  • The highlights and long 'do
  • The bad plaid
  • The necklace

And Jackson, now 36, looks a million times better with:
  • Facial hair
  • V-neck T-shirts instead of awkward zippered polos
  • Less hair (We're not sure how male pattern baldness looks so good on the star, but it does.)

Anyway, it seems like the guys had a great time catching up. "The most pleasant run-ins can happen in the most unexpected places…" Van Der Beek tweeted.

The guys didn't say where the glorious meet-up went down, but it's very possible that Van Der Beek had his wife Kimberly and three kids in tow while Jackson was likely with longtime love Diane Kruger.

And still no word on that Dawson's Creek reunion we're all hoping for, but at least this is a satisfying start.

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