'The Conners' Has Cast David's Girlfriend, And Movie Fans Will Love The Twosome

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Adding Juliette Lewis to the 'Roseanne' spinoff reunites her with 'Christmas Vacation' co-star Johnny Galecki.Read Full Story

Brad Pitt Copies His Lovers' Looks In The Most Hilarious Decades-Long Identity Crisis

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Over the course of his career, the actor has perfected the art of twinning with his significant others. Read Full Story

#TBT Recap: The Best Celebrity Throwback Photos of the Week — September 26, 2014

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Do you recognize these celebs from before they were famous? Read Full Story

#TBT Recap: The Best Celebrity Throwback Photos of the Week — September 12, 2014

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Do you recognize these celebs from before they were famous? Read Full Story

Molly Ringwald and Juliette Lewis Are Going to Be in the 'Jem' Movie

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The upcoming Jem and the Holograms movie just got a very appropriate dose of nostalgia. Molly Ringwald and Juliette Lewis (both old enough to actually remember the original cartoon) have been added to the cast in so-far unknown capacities. It's doubtful these two would actually be playing members of The Misfits, the murderous rival band intent on destroying The Holograms, because they're nowhere near the same age as the young stars playing Jem and her band. But wouldn't it be awesome if they...Read Full Story

Juliette Lewis Looks Totally Normal and Pretty at Oscar Bash (PICTURES)

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We're used to seeing Juliette Lewis dressed in leather and sequins on the red carpet, but the actress-turned-rocker wore neither at the Vanity Fair Oscars party last night.Juliette was a vision in blue at the party instead, looking lovely and ladylike in the flowing gown with a cute belt accent. She partied throughout the night -- and morning -- at the party and tweeted that she arrived home at dawn!"Wow just getting in at 6am. I guess Oscar parties aren't all bad. Haha," she wrote on her...Read Full Story

Juliette Lewis: 'Rock 'n' Roll Suits Me'

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Getty ImagesJuliette Lewis started out as an actress, then decided to give the rock star thing a shot. It's been six years, and she's still going strong as a musician. She's now fronting The New Romantiques, and says music has been a big learning experience. Juliette Lewis wants to rock 'n' roll all night. (Getty) She said in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Starting a new career has been a huge education for me. I’ve always been an outsider and never felt like I fitted in...Read Full Story

Juliette Lewis Thinks Brad Pitt Is a 'Fine Man and Father'

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Getty Images Juliette and Brad (via Juliette Lewis is impressed with former boyfriend Brad Pitt’s parenting skills and is amazed he manages to raise six children with his partner Angelina Jolie. Juliette, who split from the actor in the early '90s, said: "When I run into him it's like running into an old comrade. Good vibes. He's grown into a fine man and father. Total super father. It's pretty impressive. Their family unit is inspiring.”Although she thinks Brad’s family is...Read Full Story

Juliette Lewis on Brad Pitt Romance: 'We'd Smoke Lots of Pot'

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Photo Agency DON'T MISS Brad Pitt Wants to Retire Soon, Loves Chaos Brad Pitt: It's OK to Look at Pornography at Work Juliette Lewis spoke to Black Book magazine in a recent interview, when she broached a rarely touched-on subject: her past romance with Brad Pitt. The two became engaged when they were little-known actors and both starred in their breakout roles in 1991 (hers being Cape Fear; his, Thelma & Louise). Soon after, they broke up. Blame Hollywood. Lewis said: It was such a...Read Full Story

Surprising Celebrity Scientologist #7: Juliette Lewis

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Getty Images "Rock on, Xenu!" Actress Juliette Lewis has a sister named Lightfield. Does it really surprise you that she's a follower of Xenu? She too was raised a Scientologist in Los Angeles; her father, actor Geoffrey Lewis, was one of Hollywood's earliest Scientology converts.Juliette is very open about her membership in the Church of Scientology. In a book called What is Scientology, she's quoted as saying, "I am no longer stuck in the bottomless pit of despair and apathy. Having...Read Full Story