Guess Who Dethroned Justin Bieber with the Most Popular Tweet of All Time

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)

Justin Bieber might be one of the most followed people online, but he's no longer the author of the most popular Twitter post in the history of the social networking site. That prestigious honor now goes to our 44th president.

Following his monumental victory Tuesday night, President Barack Obama's Twitter account published a celebratory tweet featuring Obama embracing his wife Michelle beneath a "Four more years" caption. As of Thursday morning, the tweet has been retweeted more than 780,000 times and favorited by more than 280,000 users, numbers that crush Bieber's previous record-setting tweet from back in September.
Prior to Obama's reelection, the Canadian pop star sat at the top of the retweet leader board after posting a heartfelt tribute message to one of his biggest fans, Avalanna Routh. The terminally ill Routh, famously known around the web as Mrs. Bieber after a fake wedding to a Justin cutout, became a significant inspiration for Bieber, who visited her on multiple occasions. At 6-years-old, Routh lost her battle with cancer, causing Bieber to mourn her loss both privately and with this record-setting (at the time) tweet:

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